1. greekman

    One of the greatest dog trainers who has ever lived, William Koehler has trained thousands of dogs with great results. Some of his methods are absolete today because people have become a little too soft to understand them, but, they continue to produce results in the right type of “real” dogs. His son has a web page and it has a whole theory about his methods and their applications there. The book you are referring to is still a best manual on how to solve problems with any dog. Someone gave you the link to it here. Try doing a Google search on his name, you will run across his son’s page. Great book and well worth the money.

  2. He Who Has The Answers

    Its hard to tell you a bookstore without knowing your exact location. But some good online stores are ebay and they have good quality books cheap. If the book isn’t there then try to contact the publisher and they might be able to help.

  3. Dog Luvr

    You do NOT want the Koehler method. His methods are outdated and not supported by behaviorists. Look it up…

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