Like, I wanted to know where I can get some fleas for a flea circus. I have all kinds of ideas of how to make them jump through hoops, play on a teeder todder and other fun stuff.


  1. richie.t

    Um… the flea circus was dreamed up as an actual kind of hoax. Itty bitty motorized ferris wheels, rides, etc., were set to move and the operators would claim that it was fleas, and that they were too small to be seen. People might talk out of their *** and claim that they could see them, but it was really just like “the emperor’s new clothes” if you know that story.

  2. Nearly-Dr Ferox

    Human fleas, which where what was used in the original, genuine flea circuses and WERE big enough to be seen, are almost extict due to impreoved hygiene. But you may be able to find some at a piggery, because these fleas can live on pigs too.

  3. Best Beard Trimmer

    If you know of anywhere that you could find some stray cats or dogs, try catching them and then catch their fleas… There’s an abandoned place down my road that is overrun with stray cats… I’d help ya out if I could.

  4. critterm

    Like richie said NO fleas in a flea circus. nearly-dr is hopefully a better student of biology than of side show entertainment.

  5. Flea Circus Research Library

    There are two kinds of flea circus, the “humbug” or “magical” flea circus where the fleas are an illusion. This is the most practical to perform. The other the “real flea” flea circus is limited to a few specialists around the globe. They typically use cat fleas, human fleas are a bit hard to get hold of.

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