My dogs have lotsa fleas. Maybe someone knows where I can find their nest..and any tips how to kill them?


  1. Dazzling

    Heres’ what you could do.
    Get frontline plus or whatever your vet recommends.
    Get seven dust or something as good and treat your yard and surrounding house. You can also dust lightlyon your pet..up to you though.
    NOt only will this kill fleas, it takes care of ticks too!
    As an extra precaution, get a fle/tick collar.
    Give flea/tick baths once a week or every other week.
    this is what i do and it keeps the fleas down to like nothinhg and ZERO ticks. nasty ticks, i hate them.

  2. JustMe

    Fleas can breed anywhere. They can be in your carpet, on your furniture, in you yard. You can bring them in on your clothing.
    A good flea preventive is important and be consistant. There are products that you can use in your home and in your yard. Be careful about using a lot of different products at the same time. Some of the medicines used in flea/tick treatments can cause illness if used too much. If you use a lot of different products with different ingredients at the same time and your dog shows a bad reaction, you won’t know which one your dog is reacting to.
    My vet has recommended certain products for me to use, but different breeds, sizes, or just different dogs may need different products.
    I have had luck with Frontline plus and Advantix. A lot of the products found in pet stores haven’t been as effective for me.
    Read labels and be able to watch your animal for a while after the first time you use it. If you see skin reactions, vomiting, seizures, wash the product off immediately and call the vet. One thing a lot of people don’t know is that the Poison Control Center(the same one you would call if your child had swallowed something) has a lot of useful information on how to treat pets with exposure to medications and poisons.

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