I am crate training my puppy she is 10 weeks and i was wondering when i am crate training her should her crate be in the same room as me when we are sleeping?


  1. BrendaLe

    you need to put the crate were ever you want her to sleep on a regular basis so she does not get confused. Also put a blanket over the whole thing so she cant see out . During the day keep the crate door open so she knows its her place of refuge and not a punishment. This way she can come and go as she pleases. Dogs are den animals by nature and a crate should make her feel secure.

  2. Katwala

    Dogs are pack animals and you are (or should be) their pack leader. A dog that is being crate trained will be less stressed if he/she is in the same room with you when you’re sleeping. With young pups I start with them in a crate that is right next to my bed so that I cal slip a reassuring finger or two into their crate if they get restless or whiney at night.
    Good luck!

  3. doxie

    I kept our 2 dogs in the kitchen, handy to clean and close to the back door that they would be going out to pee. I spend most of my time in the kitchen so they have company. At night they slept in the kitchen, and I slept in my room. They had a wind up clock in a sock and each other for company. It worked well for me.

  4. Smile :)

    The best choise would be in the same room as where you sleep. The dog would feel more safe and you can get to it faster in case it needs to go out at night.

  5. lilcrash

    when my dogs are crate trained they are put in a high traffic area. this makes them feel not so lonely and they don’t make too much of a fuss.

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