Books is the main source to gain knowledge …Tell me the books available for the dog’s training..


  1. Sherawat

    There are lots of books available you can buy the best book for trained you dog.. before buy the books from shop Take some reviews in online to know more detail about the books.. SitStayFetch – Dog Training to stop your Dog’s Behavior Problem This is the book which is used to control your dog behavior..

  2. cynthiab

    there a tons of books out there. instead of buying a book online (you cant really look through it) i would suggest going to your local book store…they should have a large selection for you to choose from and you can spend time looking through the pages to see if you understand the book and if its the right one for you

  3. Ellen

    “Live and in person” training is generally best, but here are some authors I’d suggest:
    Pat Miller, Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Melissa Alexander, Patricia McConnell, Pam Dennison, Ian Dunbar

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