Positive reinforcement?
Alpha Role?
Other? (Clarify)
I use a mixture of positive reinforcement, alpha role, and just using what I already know about my dog to get the behavior I want out of her.


  1. Kenzi

    Alpha rolling is an outdated technique. It is extremely rare in the wild for one dog to do this to another unless that dog is the outcast. It will make your dog feel helpless and afraid, they won’t learn to respect you.
    I use positive reinforcement. A very stern tone for my stubborn dog when he is being naughty and only love and care for my timid dog. You have to use the least amount of correction possible, so that is why one of my dogs needs so much more than the other. It’s based on their personality.
    The method to be used depends on the personality of the dog as well. I read everythign I could find on training, tried what I liked best and adjusted as needed.

  2. anwen55

    Consistency, reward, ignoring when he’s naughty (he hates that!) Alpha??? Nah. What do you mean by that? Eating before him – nope, we just eat at seperate times, he never goes on furniture but yes he does barge through doors before me – doesn’t make him boss, he knows that when I ask him to do something he has to do it. Alpha rolls – God forbid!!

  3. rhinestones

    I think the training method used depends greatly on the dog, and it’s personality. For me and my dog, positive reenforcement has worked wonderfully. It is so easy to train her with this method. I just tell her no if she does something I dislike, show her the correct way, and praise her like crazy when she does it right. It is very simple, and very effective for us.

  4. Seattle_

    like you said, they’re not mutually exclusive. It takes a mixture of everything to get good results.

  5. Free WP Plugins

    I use a combination of alpha role reinforcement, positive reinforcement and canine bahavior modification. It can be best summed up as modified NILIFF training – Nothing In Life Is For Free.
    Look into the NILIFF methods.. it’s a great way to both bond with a trainyour dog.

  6. luvAmutt

    Alpha roll…people have such a misconception of an alpha roll. First it’s natural behavior in a pack, dog on dog, or wolf on wolf. But we are humans and we aren’t using alpha rolls in the same manner or to the same effect. An alpha dog NEVER throws or forces that sort of thing on a subordinate. Take a look an any dog being given an alpha roll. They don’t get it, all you doing is scaring the cr*p out of the dog and not getting a thing across except the dog understanding you are threatening it. LOOK at what you’re dog is doing when you do an alpha roll and recognize fear in your animal when you see it
    I use positive reinforcement 100% and don’t believe in alpha rolls a bit. If firmer measures are needed then there are much better ways to achieve that. Jeez….
    Sorry I didn’t answer this all the way. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with very good trainers before and have read lots of books on dog training. I pull from a lot of different methods and know there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. I’ve found training is most effective when it’s tailored to the individual. And I’m not above attending obedience classes with my puppies or dogs, even when at times I felt I knew more about some things I generally find there’s always something more to learn.
    OK I stand corrected. You said role, not roll and those are 2 very different things. My apologies

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