I already tried Frontline thinking that it would be the best but unfortunately was just a waste of money because the fleas still there 🙁
What can I do ???


  1. vicky l

    Frontline is the best. You need to make sure that it was frontline PLUS. It will kill all the stages of a flea infestation. When dogs have a bad flea prob it will take more than one dose to get rid of it. You should re apply the frontline plus once a month for 2-3 months. For a quick fix on the visible fleas, you should contact your vet and get something called Capstar. It is a little pill you give your pet and it will kill all the adult fleas on your pet within 4 hours. The frontline will take care of the baby fleas, and eggs. (But it has to be frontline plus, not frontline top spot.)
    Good luck!
    And do NOT use over the counter flea products like biospot, or hartz. They can cause reactions on your pets skin. These products can also kill cats in the house that rub up against any remaining topical liquid that your dog could have rubbed off somewhere.

  2. Thunderr

    K-9 Advantix is a very good flea,tick and mosquito repellent. It’s placed on the skin of the neck or upper back once a month. It is dosed by weight of your dog. Works very well.. You need a prescription from your vet.

  3. Not Me!!

    K-9 Advantix….put on once a month…does not kill instantly but does eventually kill them and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
    Cheaper to buy on-line instead of at vets…
    http://WWW.DOG.COM cheapest place I have found.

  4. Autismmo

    Hi sand, the best flea repellent is the one that you mix with food or comes in a tablet that your dog eats. Collars are a waste of money. Be sure that you know your dogs weight so you can purchase the correct dosage for your dog’s health. I think you meant Frontline collars or did you mean the pills? Your vet will have to prescribe but they work. 😀

  5. Nicole K

    I use Bio Spt from Petsmart. I have used it for 3 years and my dogs have never got fleas. Before I was using Frontline and they would get the fleas. I only put BioSpot on once and it does the trick! Its much less also.

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