I’m looking for a training school that will train my dog to be a protection dog. If your gonna leave negative comments don’t bother responding.


  1. Peter Griffin

    dont worry about these people asking “Why do you feel the need for protection?” I hope you are not a drug dealer, if you are then you’ll get yours someday…. in the event that you are a good upstanding citizen, then I think dog training for protection of house and self is a good idea in the event that a criminal wants to break in to your house or mug you as you walk your dog down a side street at night.
    I sure am glad my boerboel is trained to be watchful of my girlfriend as she walks him at night thru our neighborhood….. I feel like she has a good escort thru the area at night….
    Anywho.. here you go.. Id recommend Shutzhund training. http://www.treasurevalleydogtraining.com…

  2. cameo's Mom

    Check around and ask some Police officers. They may or may not tell you who does this type of work. It’s very very demanding and usually the police dogs are trained by a group of trainers who do not work outside the force.
    However, there are people who can and will train your dog. Mostly they train you after a few weeks with your dog. You must be very careful what you are asking for here, the insurance will be canceled on your home if they find out you have a dog trained as such. So the liability of having a dog trained for protection is a liability not an asset.
    As for the people who will train your dog again, you have to be careful .they may tell you they are a trainer and just take your money and your dog may suffer ill training methods.
    Most people who want a dog trained like this spend hours and hours with people who are proficient as trainers and learn from them. Then start to train their own dog.
    The reason you may get negative comments here is that most people here know that a really good trainer would not train a dog for one person to be say an attack dog as they know the liability.
    Nothing wrong with having a fully trained protection dog. They cost thousands in training fees. Also check your area. Some places you will need a license to have a trained protection dog.
    Look up Schutzhund trainers, forums etc. in your area.
    If you go about this right, you will have a great deal of fun and a superior trained dog in the end. Be prepared to spend a lot of time as well as dollars.

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