I would like to carry my dog out with me, and I would like to have her trained for on and off leash performance. I have seen several different training methods advertised on TV and on the web. Does anyone have personal experience with any of these systems? I am looking for one that is easy to follow, very thorough, and really works.


  1. Nancy M

    You don’t train a dog with a ‘system’, particularly not some silly commercial television personality one. You locate a good, motivational training class in your area and you go and learn how to best interact with and train your dog. A good trainer doesn’t have one ‘system’ but realizes that people and dogs are different and require different interventions so they need to be well versed at all sorts of techniques and willing and able to find the oneS that best fit you and your dog. There is no ‘easy’ way to be responsible and properly train your dog — just like you can’t learn to fly a jet plane from a book or dvd or television show, you can’t train a dog this way either or a person to train a dog (and actually most of the training will be of you, not the dog).

  2. Train your dog

    Remember all dogs and pups are different! what works for one may not work for the other.
    If your dog is soft temperament then clicker or positive reinforcement will work as you want to keep everything light. But if you have a more dominant dog then you might need to look for other methods to follow.

  3. Emily

    Look into clicker training! It’s fast and easy, and it makes the dogs think about and understand what they’re doing.

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