I use ham for rewards and watersprayers as a last restort for desipline!


  1. Ista

    I haven’t had the need. I don’t suppose there’s any harm in it for those that do, and it’s certainly more humane than those idiots that use lemon juice.
    I guess I’ve just been really lucky. No major behavioral issues. Both of my chihuahuas are potty trained, my husband’s dachsund is going through crate training again, I didn’t raise her though. None of them chew up anything, or bite people unprovoked, lol. They don’t bark for the heck of it, or cause any other sort of disturbances. And somehow I’ve accomplished all this with out that pack leader, alpha roll, dominance crap.
    Edit: as for what I do do, scold when necessary, lavish praise when deserved. Occassional treats here and there. I have been known to get a fly swat on occassion, but I don’t use it on them, swatting the floor has the desired effect.

  2. Pawsitive Thinking

    If you can’t encourage proper behavior and end up using a water punishment or attention getter, timing is important. You can make your dog afraid of the water bottle or squirt gun, or you can help him learn that the behavior he is doing is always going to get water in his mouth.
    Use a small squirt gun, and hide it, then squirt the water just as the dog is doing a bad behavior. Ideally, what you want to do is make the dog think:
    Gee, every time I open my mouth to bark I get a mouthful of water (which I don’t like)….I’ll try it a few more times,,,,then I’ve learned not to bark, to avoid the water in my mouth.
    If the dog figures out it comes from the squirt bottle, that is what he will avoid, not the bad behavior.

  3. ♥ Leo ♥

    Lord no. I use toys and positive reinforcement, and my dogs are huge. The biggest being 230lbs. You can get what you want out of a dog without spraying water in their face. It just takes patience, and consistent training. Just because your dog is trained, doesn’t mean you stop training. You have to practice everyday, or every other day, to see the best results.

  4. ♥FANCYS_

    I will get creamed for this , but i have used water bottle for barking..I would spray at my dog and say shhh..Now all i have to do is say shh ..
    Never in the face..And no lemon juice..
    And ham is not good for dogs ..

  5. Loki ☯ Wolfchild

    I use a squirt bottle with water for barking — this is especially helpful with the Dachshunds, although I have a couple of obnoxious Siberian boys who will flatten their ears and turn away from me if they see the squirt bottle come out.

  6. Corgis4L

    I use putting the dogs outside, to light pops with a newspaper, to muzzle grabbing and growling at the dog, and a loud sharp NO. Depending on the offending behavior of the dog.

  7. I AM ME!!!

    i used to when my dog did a specific thing wrong. don’t use it for every bad thing the dog does because that will confuse him. but using it is okay i think since it doesn’t hurt them or anything

  8. anne b

    I have used water sprayers with great success for a myriad of behavior issues. It works great for barking, defining boundaries, and some aggressive behaviors.
    Just so everyone knows, it is NOT supposed to be squirted in the face, so if you are doing that, no wonder your dogs are non-responsive! Squirting is a diversion tactic, so you should be squirting in the butt or near that area, just to break their concentration and get their attention.

  9. Heavy Metal Music and Bands

    waterspays or waterguns just make my puppy mad! he will go crazy if sprayed with one.
    for diciplining biting i use very mild chilly and put some on the end of his tongue. (trust me it does the trick!)
    for daily diciplining i tie him up each time he does something bad. he gets the hang of it and be’s good in the end

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