I have an ebook on dog training and don’t need it anymore so I feel like giving it away,who needs it?


  1. Marilea Price

    and mischiefmuttntx on twitter also. I would be most grateful and if not the whole book I am trying to add a newly found street wandering am staff to my pack 1st Skunkface (1/2 lab/ 1/4 border collie/ 1/4 pitbull), 1 Rottie, 1 pit mix, and my 2 legged man in my life. I am trying to learn more but I can never know enough when it comes to my fellow land dwellers preferably in the canine variety. Oh yeah all are females except my 2 legged man 😉 lmno. Also I would not object to passing it on, when I pick up a few new things that would help my pack. tyvm bow wow 4 now!

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