1. Smartphone Comparison

    The fleas that bite dogs and the fleas that bite humans are the same which is why the Black Death ravaged Europe in the middle ages. It was transmitted through fleas.
    Anyway 2 things could be happening, the first is that you might be one of the rare humans who do not react to flea bites.
    You may not be allergic to their numbing chemical.
    The other is that you might not “taste” good. Like if you eat a ton of garlic fleas won’t bite. The same goes for dogs who eat tons of garlic, they rarely get fleas.

  2. Jessica H

    fleas that feed off of dogs are not the same as fleas that feed off humans. i’m guessing you live in filth and your roommate has bed bugs.
    no, they are not the same. fleas that feed on humans will feed on dogs and RATS, which is where the plague came from. but the fleas that are commonly found on dogs are not attracted to humans.

  3. Smartphone Comparison

    I don’t know… probably for the same reason mosquitos don’t like me much… especially if I stand near someone tasty like my boyfriend.
    For that matter, my first ever real infestation of fleas happened last year…. I got bit a few times.. My guy was like a flea magnet! Tasty!

  4. iknowitall

    Are you a vegeterian? if so that is why you are not being bitten by fleas, and your room mate is probably not a vegeterian so that is why he is bitten by the fleas.

  5. jen

    i eat lots of garlic and when my cat had fleas i was bitten ALOT! and my partner and baby werre not….
    ad these people that say fleas that animals have are different from the ones that bite humans….what planet r you from? coz i am very clean and quite house proud and no matter what if my cat brings fleas home i no straight away bcoz they bite me!!

  6. cio

    I am having the same problem. The only difference is that I am the only one getting bit and the other 5 people that live here are not. My boyfriend insists that there is a reason why they are only biting me and that its my fault. I am pregnant and i am worried about all the bites and itchiness.

  7. Dawn

    My cat has fleas, she keeps getting them from the neighbor’s cats. My boyfriend is like a flea magnet, but they don’t bother me. They land on me and jump right back off, then go and bite him. I’ve heard about the garlic thing, and that does work with mosquitos, but I don’t eat a lot of garlic and not much salt, so I think maybe they just don’t like my blood. Whatever it is, I’m thankful for it.

  8. tonya

    I’m a vegetarian and I have been ravaged by fleas for last week despite using flea spray, flea powder and a flea bomb in the house. Meanwhile, my husband and son, who are not vegetarians, haven’t gotten a single bite.

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