I sprayed Raid in my cat’s house and the fleas are dead, but now there are red spots all over. Did they explode? Did the blood leak out of them? Please let me know. Thanks!


  1. rowlfe

    Yes. It is blood, and it came from the fleas as they died. RAID works by literally dissolving the carapace, the hard part of the exoskeleton, in combination to a blood thinner which liquefies their guts. The blood thinner Heparin, an anticoagulant, given to people who develop blood clots to dissolve the clots, was originally developed as a rat poison, thinking that in large enough quantities, the rats would start bleeding internally and literally bleed to death because their blood would not clot, but the skin stayed intact so as to not get blood all over the floor. By the way, it is the chemical which dissolves the carapace which is what does in the eggs, by dissolving the hard part of the outside of the egg. The chemical in bug spray is absorbed by and softens the shell and the bug finally gets so soft they literally fall apart. Just because bugs have a hard exoskeleton, does not mean impervious or even waterproof. You might say the bugs imploded when their exoskeleton fell apart…

  2. Kat

    It was the flea’s poop. They eat blood therefore they poop blood. That is also what you see on your cat… all those black “dirt like” specks. I would suggest using a monthly preventative like Revolution or Advantage.

  3. Tina C

    The spray may have done something to the fleas skin.
    I would suggest you wash your cats house out completely before you let them back in.
    And I’m assuming you treated the cat with a proper med..?

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