can you tell me about paper training a dog?why do some people not agree?is there a way that i can paper train my dog and have him 100% guaranteed house-trained?thanks in advance=))


  1. BYBs are greedy pet abusers

    really its harder to housebreak your dog using that method. Its best to just start taking your dog outside from the start.. its more confusing to switch methods later.
    Dogs tend to develop a preference for going on a particular texture. . If you pad or paper train a dog, that means that anything that has the same texture (a mattress for example) is subject to being a potty spot!
    There really is NO reason to start with pads or papers, other than pure laziness.. someone just doesnt want to take the time to take the dog outside every hour to potty train.

  2. Coolest Girl On The Planet

    People don’t agree with it because the idea of their dog pooping and peeing on their floor is repulsive. Unless you live in a high rise apartment or are handicapped in some way I don’t see any reason why this method would be better.
    Paper training a dog can lead to a life long association of newspaper = toilet. So any papers left out will get peed on.
    Your best bet is to train your dog to go outside.

  3. buddy and me~adopting a kitten~

    paper training as in potty toilet training? if so i used to agree with that. however i think it’s much for important for a dog to go outside. it teaches them to be house-broken. if you want to, use dog toilet pads, my cousin and sister uses those. but i wouldn’t. best way is to take your dog out every hour and i don’t mean walk him every hour. i mean if you have a yard, let him out and then let him toilet and praise them highly for doing so. and if a dog toilets in the house, clean it with a pet deodorizer that way they do not become enticed to pee again. the amount of water they consume plays a role. after a certain time, they shouldn’t be given water. or an alternative is ice cubes in the water dish. quenches thirst but doesn’t fill bladder as much. and consistency is key so first thing in the morning when you wake up, let your dog out, or walk him.

  4. Andie

    I personally think it’s nasty to train a dog to poo on your floor, whether there’s a newspaper there or not. I have enough trouble changing the litter box.
    I wouldn’t be able to stand the odor. Obviously, dog messes stink, and I do not want that odor permeating my home.
    I can’t help but cringe at how unhygienic it seems. Liquids (both urine and from the feces, ew) would soak through, to the floor! Ick.
    I’d much rather just open the door and let my dog outside to do his business.
    Although I would never consider it (especially since I have a mastiff!), I guess I would recommend it for certain people. If you live on the fifteenth floor of an apartment complex and literally can’t get outside fast enough, go for it. If you honestly don’t mind the strong odor or how dirty it seems, go for it. Some people can handle it. I can’t, maybe you can’t.
    However, yes, you can successfully paper train a dog. Although plenty of people have problems, many are victorious.
    But, wait, what do you mean by “house-trained?” Do you mean teaching the dog to only go outdoors, or do you mean only going on the designated pads inside? When you paper train a puppy, you ARE training them to go indoors, so hopefully you mean the latter. So, do you want him to always use puppy pads? If you eventually want him to go outdoors, skip the silly paper training and train him to go outside now.…

  5. Tiff A

    ok i think ur talking about like putting newspaper on the floor or those potty pads?
    i dont like those cuz thats nasty to me and then u still got to pick it up. i also disagree because u train them to pee inside on the pad then u retrain them to go outside. i think that is confusing to the animal.
    i use the cage way. put the dog in the cage if u leave or go to bed,as soon as u get home take him outside. if ur home take ur dog out everytime it gets up and starts sniffing around. both these ways will work. i hear the paper way works also.

  6. moof

    If you teach the dog to go inside on papers, and try to housebreak him outdoors at the same time, you are giving mixed messages about where to go to the bathroom.
    Taking the dog out is the best alternative. Who wants stinky smelly papers in their home? Not me.
    I don’t see people pooping in their houses on papers. It’s just gross.

  7. Ignorance MUST Be Bliss

    i tried it and it did not work you always had to clean up and when you get rid out the pads or newspaper they do not know what to do and you have to start all over again

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