Ive been using a well known, expensive once a month flea medication on my Goldendoodle for 2 months now and she still has fleas, what gives? What can I use other than that on my dog that wont overdose her with flea killers and something that is safe around my 2 year old child.


  1. ʇsǝʍ ǝɥʇ ɟo™ɥɔʇıʍ pǝʞɔıʍ

    Once a month flea prevention kills the fleas AFTER they bite the dog.
    You probably have fleas in your yard, and possibly in your house. Fleas don’t breed or lay eggs on the dog, they jump off and do those things, so, the adults are dying after they bite your dog, but, the general flea population isn’t getting wiped out!
    I would treat my house first, get a good flea fogger, I like to use siphotrol, or Adams as they break down the enzymes in the eggs so they can’t hatch and you only need to treat once. Wash all the dogs’ bedding the same day you bomb your house. Follow the package directions, but, before you leave the house direct some of the spray under all the furniture, beds couches etc.. then set the fogger down and leave. When you get back inside put a flea collar or about 1 inch of one in your vacuum cleaner bag, then vacuum and discard the bag.
    For a while I would keep a bit of flea collar in the vacuum bag.
    The same day, give your dog a bath with a dog shampoo and leave the shampoo on him for ten minutes then rinse. All soap kills fleas if left on long enough.
    This should take care of the flea population problem you seem to be having.

  2. sherri

    You can try a different flea medication from your vet , but more than likely your pet keeps getting reexposed to fleas and the flea preventitive is fine . there is a three step prosess for flea control house , yard and dog. Try bombing the house and spraying the yard while you are doing this have the dog bathed and flea bathed at a pro groomer.

  3. 2 boxers mom

    I use advantage and it took about 3 months for the fleas to be completely gone. I rescued my dogs and took them to the vet straight away. My house ended up infected, which re-infected my dogs. And so on and so forth. So you have to bathe your dogs with a flea shampoo a week after the vet applies your flea meds. Then vacuum your house twice a day for 2-3 months. It worked for me, so good luck!

  4. animalfr

    Try a product called Capstar, get it from your vet. Use Frontline, it is the best. Buy products from reputable sources, like your vet or myvetsmeds.com

  5. oct

    well your gonna need to see a vet b/c depending on how many she has she might need a stronger prescription

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