I started my boston terrier on Frontline for fleas two months ago. By the second dosage, I am still seeing a few fleas on him. My roomate has a kitten and she is not on Frontline or anything for fleas. My dog goes outside, but her cat stays inside. Ive seen a few on her once in a while. Is he getting them from her, or is he bringing them in from outside and if he is, does it take time for the fleas to bite and get the Frontline into their systems and die? Im really annoyed because I payed all this money to prevent this from happening. I really feel like calling and complaining about this to Frontline and demand my money back. What should I do?


  1. Chalice

    You always need to to treat the house. Frontline will treat the animal effectively, but fleas will still jump on him from the carpet – and they’re hatching out on your carpet/upholstery/bedding.
    Also important to treat your housemate’s kitten as the fleas will be happily feeding on her – indoor cats still get fleas.
    Frontline is great, but you’ll never be flea free so long as you have an untreated animal in the house and you haven’t treated the environment. Go and get a housespray – a proper one from a vet, not one from a pet store.
    EDIT: In response to your additional details, you definitely need to get that cat treated too! And I would spray any carpeted areas of the house, as well as upholstery.

  2. sheshe

    Frontline only treats the pet, you still need to treat the outside and pet sleeping areas, along with vacuuming often.

  3. kitty143

    Try Frontline Plus instead of regular Frontline. Frontline Plus kills adult fleas just like Frontline, and contains an ingredient called methoprene, that kills flea eggs and larvae, to keep all stages of fleas from developing and bothering your pets and your family. Methoprene mimics the juvenile growth hormone of fleas, keeping the larvae from molting and developing into more mature forms. Frontline Plus delivers total, effective flea prevention to your pet.
    ALSO: Don’t forget to put Frontline Plus on the cat. You should also use a Flea Bomb/Fogger because the fleas and eggs are not only on your pets but, in your carpet and upholstery.

  4. michael g

    it works by being distributed over the dog or cat by the naturally occurring oils in hair skin. Don’t wash excessively as this will diminish the effects. You put it on the back as there is no way the animal can contort and lick it just after you apply it. Once it dries and does it’s thing it’s not dangerous to the pet. It doesn’t “kill” fleas as you might think – it actually sterilizes the female ( I think ) and even though the eggs MIGHT develop they won’t hatch. Helpful????
    The reason you see ” some ” fleas as those are the ones she met went she went out and brought them back in the house.
    Do not buy Hartz or those inexpensive drops , they don’t work.
    Trust me you did the right thing – ask them why the stuff is so expensive. Hell ,buy the Hartz and compare the difference, I was amazed.

  5. Madison

    If the dog stays outside a lot, it is most likely bringing them inside. Or it could be the cat still has them and gives them to the dog. You need to talk to your roommate about treating the cat with Frontline also or the problem won’t be fixed. Make sure you vaccum really well also.
    Consider getting your house sprayed by a pesticide company such as COOKS- that way the fleas won’t be able to live in the carpet and just transfer back onto the dog.
    I use Frontline for both of my dogs and don’t have a problem with fleas.

  6. Pam

    You need to check and treat your dog’s environment. If there is a flea infestation, even if it’s in your neighbor’s yard, you will continue to have fleas (dogs meet at the fence, fleas jump from one host to the next….fleas get in the soil where the neighbors dog lays next to an adjoining fence).
    Frontline is a preventative, I don’t see anything that claims you will never see a flea on your dog if you use it.

  7. Shadow's Melon

    Frontline does not always work well for every dog. My dogs do fine, but I know of others who had better luck on other types instead.
    Was your dog bathed during the 2 days before or 2 days after application? If so, this could be part of your problem. A dog needs the natural oils in his skin to spread the medication around as needed. If you bathed your dog within 2 days of treating (before or after) this will remove the oils from the skin and render the meds useless.

  8. Aye. Right!

    Can’t speak for frontline, but generally a flea has to feed from the ‘poisoned’ blood before it will be affected.
    Fleas don’t live on your pet, they live in the home, so you must de-flea your home (and car and surroundings) to help keep fleas at bay. Use something with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) in it, as this will have a knock down effect for longer than cheaper sprays.
    Ensure your pet (s) is / are up to date with worming also,as fleas and tapeworm can form almost a cycle.
    Hope this was of some help.

  9. nan

    I tried Advantix and Frontline. I’ve sprayed my yard and home and keep it clean. Still my little dog has fleas. The big lab does not seem to scratch and itch at all. A friend told me that if you take them walking outside, you need to spray the feet and underbelly bcuz they are picking it up outside and bringing it back in. Trying that….

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