We have moved twice, and he still gets them. He doesn’t go outside. There are no fleas. There are no rodents (that we know of). Is it possible that he might have picked them up from fleas/rodents several years ago, and even with treatment never got rid of all of them, so that’s why they keep coming back?
I actually bought a whole bunch of tape worm tabs (medicine), just to keep up.


  1. blondie

    The only way an animal can get tapeworms is by ingesting a flea. So it’s important that you treat not only your cat, but also your environment (yard and carpeting, etc.), for fleas. Many times, pet owners will swear that there are no fleas and the only evidence that there are fleas is the presence of tapeworms. Even though your cat might not have the obvious signs of a flea infestation, it could be that the area where you live is infested and you might have brought a flea in with you when you came in from outside. Where I live, there’s been a real problem with fleas and tapeworms throughout the entire area for the past few months, and I’ve heard that even pets who are kept indoors are being affected. So I’m treating my cat with monthly flea prevention, even though she’s a 100 percent indoor-only kitty.
    It’s highly unlikely that your cat has tapeworms now from an infestation that occurred several years ago. Tapeworm medication is extremely effective, so if you’re noticing a problem now, it’s something that started recently, within the past three weeks or so. I think I’ve read that it takes about three weeks from the time a flea is ingested before there are obvious signs of tapeworm.
    Anyway, I found a web site for you. It’s really informative and it will explain why sometimes animals have to go through more than one round of treatment to get rid of tapeworm. Here’s the site:http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content…

  2. m!m!

    Tapeworms are caused by fleas…. especially when there grooming them selves cuz they swallow the fleas. Comb ur cat often with a flea comb. Tapeworms can also be caused by sharing a litter with another cat.. If one cat has it then the other is most likly to get the tapeworms!! U should take ur kitty to the vet to get the de-wormer shot.. That’s what I did wit my grls cuz the vet even told me that the stuff over the counter isn’t strong enough!! Goodluck

  3. Rapid Fire

    Do you check the bottoms of your shoes when you come in the house from outdoors? Do you microscopically check every bit of food that comes into the house? We step in all kinds of ‘goodies’ when we are out and bring them straight home to our cats; and don’t ever be so naive as to think all of our food that we purchase has been surgically scrubbed either.

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