This morning I saw Victoria Stillwell on Martha and she told Martha to yell in a high pitched voice and the dog will look at you and follow.
So as I was crating my dogs Duke wanted to play and jump on me so I did what she said and he looked at me and stopped.


  1. Healthcare Reform NOW!

    Its an out of ordinary attention getter.
    Are you more prone to listen to someone talk in a drone tone of voice, or a high pitched bouncy peppy voice? Dogs’ ears are attuned to hearing higher pitched sounds, so they are prone to looking and following that sound.

  2. Karens BCS

    Its the tone of your voice,high pitched ( not a screech) is more happy & upbeat much more interesting to the dog rather than you talking in a drone tone of voice.

  3. patricia

    Not sure but many times a high pitched voice will excite a dog and make it nervous.A low pitch is usually used when you want to show dominance and be commanding .

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