bordercolliemain1If you love pets you’re bound to love The Pet Owners Premier Club.

And to REALLY get the full benefits of The Pet Owners Premier Club, naturally you’ll need to become a member and find out what we have to offer for ALL pet owners…

Take a look at some of the benefits:

paw-bullet Premium Content: Access to ALL content a series of members-only pet websites (over 5,000 pet articles in total)

paw-bullet Monthly Magazine: FREE annual subscription to K9 Magazine, the leading dog lifestyle magazine (monthly)

paw-bullet MasterClass Series: Exclusive, members only masterclass programmes on a wide variety of pet subjects (delivered digitally)

paw-bullet Members Only: Access to exclusive seminars with pet experts delivered by webcast and online video

paw-bullet Members Only: Access to downloads including tools, pet health planners, useful pet documents and pet podcasts

paw-bullet Members Only: A GUARANTEED pet eBook per month + a FREE eBook on joining

paw-bullet Members Only: Access to the exclusive, members only Pet Owners Premier Club forum

paw-bullet Members Only: Unlimited access to learning materials including teaching courses and tests

paw-bullet Savings: Discounts on pet products and services including pet insurance!

paw-bullet Health Reports: Access to veterinary pet health reports and animal health studies from around the world

paw-bullet Learning Programmes: Access to expert tutorial programmes on all pet ownership subjects

paw-bullet Health Reports: FREE subscription to Vet Gazette, a pet health newsletter

paw-bullet Knowledgebase: Access to an amazing array of pet related knowledge articles

paw-bullet Columns: Access to columns written by pet experts, celebrity pet owners and pet industry insiders

paw-bullet Savings: Money saving pet advice – EASILY recover the cost of your membership with these savings

paw-bullet The Pet Owners Premier Book Club: Exclusive pet book reviews, editorial extracts and discounts on new pet books

paw-bullet The Pet Owners Premier DVD Club: Exclusive pet DVD reviews, video extracts and discounts on new pet DVDs

paw-bullet Free Pet Stuff: Free membership to the leading pet promotions website

paw-bullet Audio Downloads: Access to spoken-word pet articles and features. iPod compatible.

paw-bullet Pet Product Reviews: Exclusive first look at latest pet products and services to hit the market. Hear about them first!

paw-bullet Free Pet Friendly Hotel Service: Free booking service for hundreds of pet friendly hotels worldwide. Special telephone no.

paw-bullet Ticket Discounts for Pet Events: No matter where you are in the world, we can negotiate ticket discounts for most pet events.

paw-bullet Pet Product Reviews: Exclusive first look at latest pet products and services to hit the market. Hear about them first!

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The Small Print:– Notice how it’s not that small and there’s not that much!
Pet Owners Premier Club is owned and operated by Europe’s leading pet publishing company with more than 10-years experience and expertise in delivering information, advice and resources for pet lovers. The club is underwritten by a UK limited company and offers a 100% members satisfaction guarantee enabling any unsatisfied member to simply contact us should they not be happy with any element of their membership and request an immediate cancellation, no questions asked, no complicated forms to fill in – simply write or email us with your name and registered email address and say ‘cancel’, that’s it! We are, of course, confident you won’t want to.