1. John M

    the best way to get rid of fleas is to buy a flea “bomb” (fogger that comes in a can that you set off and leave). they tend to survive everything else you try to do to get rid of them once they are in the house. Its a pain because you have to leave the house for a while and then wash all the dishes and eating surfaces when you get back home, but it does work well.

  2. donnie m

    this does work put some dish soap and water in a saucer where the pet can not get to it on the floor the fleas will jump in and drown. No kidding this works. I did the same thing for slugs in the yard put some beer in a saucer at night in the yard and the beer draws them there and they will crawl in the saucer and drown.

  3. Strawber

    You definately shouldn’t do that unless you wish to have soapy funiture. You should just buy a flea fogger.

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