It sounds like it will keep pests out of the house but not kill those in it. I am just wondering what it will do to fleas that get on my dogs outside when they bring them into the house.


  1. Jack the Toad

    yum, diazinone. i think planting MUMS all around your house sounds better. they contain PYRETHRINS, a chemicle used to make flea sprays and very safe! i had a infestation in va. beach and the fleas evacuated within days and never came back.

  2. Ben H

    The best way to keep fleas out of your house is to treat your yard and then keep your dogs in it. I use Diazanon, in pellet form.

  3. unpop5

    As far as I know Riddex is used to germinate your septic tank. The best thing I know for fleas is vacuum the whole house and then sprinkle table salt all over the carpeting. Leave it there until you vacuum again . Then sprinkle it again. I have a large house in the country. I use about a half of a box of salt each time I sprinkle.

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