I’m getting a foster dog tomorrow night and she has fleas. The coordinator for the organization is picking her up from the previous owner and putting frontline on her before she brings her to my house, but I’m worried the fleas will get all over my house. Should I confine her to a kennel for the night? How long will it take to kill all the fleas on her?


  1. pebblesp

    The Frontline works very quickly, but to keep your home from being infested you may want to keep the dog in a kennel for awhile or outside…
    Once the dog is at your house.. Vacuum everyday.. I use baking soda/iodized salt on my carpets about once a month and leave it on overnight… It smothers fleas,eggs and larve AND it deodorizes the carpet, pulls dirt/debris out as well. It’s cheap NOT harmful to pets/children…
    Good luck

  2. My Klevra! Kevina's 14 dys o

    You’re better off getting her a pill of capstar. That worked very very well for a foster we took in who was flea ridden. While Frontline claims that it will kill 98% of fleas within 24 hours, I have yet to have that happen. Capstar was the best thing we could use. I would suggest having her treated with that first and brought to you the following day. It doesn’t take much for fleas to infest your house. Even if the Frontline works within the 24 hours, you still have that 2% to multipy immediately. If you leave it in a kennel you’ll just infest your yard or if you mean board her, many will not allow a flea infested animal to be boarded. But Hooray for fostering, I love it!

  3. janet_ja

    If she is putting frontline on her then you will be okay you can also call the vet and ask him about cap star it is a little pill that kills fleas quick. But yes it is okay to keep the dog in your house. The poor thing has probably been misstreated enough and if you put her in a kennel she will wonder what she done wrong. Good luck

  4. Jenny R

    if she is putting frontline on her when she picks her up you will be fine. Frontline steralizes the flea and prohibits them from reporducing so they will quickly die off.
    Grats on fostering the dog I was just talking to my husband about doing this once we get a bigger home.

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