Is it possible for my hamster to get fleas from my dog even though my dog can’t even get her nose in the cage. My dog is a Dachsund mixed Cocker Spaniel and my hamsters cage is up about 2 and a half feet.(My dog does have fleas) But when my dog stands she can look in the cage but can’t even get her nose in there. So is it possible for my Hamster to get fleas that way? ……………If you read my other question about “my Hamster keeps itching” this question is sort of a add on to that question.


  1. talented mrs v

    Yep! It is highly possible for fleas to jump from your dog to the cage, or the carpet, or to you…thereby getting on the hamster. The vet is the only one that can tell you what is safe to use on the hamster. Get him in for a checkkup, and while you’re there, pickup Frontline Plus for the dog (and any other dogs and cats in the house) and Knockout area treatment for your home.

  2. violetbl

    I’m not sure about dog fleas, but my rat got fleas from my cat. Fleas can jump so I assume its a possiblity although dog fleas are bigger so they wouldn’t be as happy on the hamster.

  3. Curious

    Could be possible but I do believe that fleas are immobile parasites that can only move from one body to the next if the make really close contact.

  4. Sitegrinder

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  5. kimbersw

    i would assume it is very possible since fleas can get on people from their dogs…..take both pets to the vet!

  6. Texas GSPS

    yes, fleas can get on anything or anyone.. Take both animals to the vet and start using some sort of flea and tick deterrant. Also if the fleas are in the house you will have to get rid of them also by using some kind of spray insecticide.
    Good luck

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