He’ll be a year old on the 27th of this month. He’s an Australian shepherd, he HATES children, anyone under, say, 9, and he doesn’t like anyone else except for people who come around to our house on a regular basis. He’s not dog agressive, though.
As a matter of fact I don’t even know WHY he’s agressive. We got him at 9wks, and he’s been around people since the day he was born. Any ideas?


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    Has your dog been to a group Obedience class? How did he do in that kind of a situation? I can’ t really see Agility training helping a dog with people aggression. I have tried to do some beginning, basic Agility training with dogs with fear aggression. Not something those dogs enjoyed. These dogs were very afraid, could never relax, spent all their class time cowering, running off & trying to leave, barking, growling & lunging at people & the other dogs. And something as simple as trying to help their owner with them on the obstacles caused them to snap. Even in an Agility training class, there are 8-10 new people & some of them may even be kids. And the people are running & yelling & laughing & clapping. The dogs are running & jumping & playing & barking. The instructor & assistants often need to work closely with you & touch your dog to help you help them with the obstacles at first. A lot of stuff that would scare a dog like yours & tend to set them off. Your dog would be doing most of this work off leash too, so you wouldn’t be able to control his behavior. It would just be a recipe for disaster in my opinion.
    What I recommend is a Vet evaluation to make sure there isn’t a medical reason for your dog’s aggression. Then have your Vet recommend a canine behaviorist to evaluate the dog. Maybe the behaviorist can come up with a training plan that can help your dog with his aggression issues. Until then placing the dog in a training class of any kind isn’t in my opinion fair to your dog, you or any of the other dogs & handlers in the class.
    Obedience Trainer/Competitor over 20 yrs
    Agility Trainer/Competitor 10 yrs

  2. Patient Paws

    If you don’t know why he’s aggressive, take him to your vet and have a blood panel done, a full checkup will eliminate any medical issues that might cause aggression.
    Take him to a behaviorist, get their opinion.
    DO NOT involve him in any type of competition. There are tons of strangers, other dogs, children, noise and distractions and to a dog that doesn’t do well with those situations– it will be a disaster. Using his energy won’t stop his aggression.
    Aussies tend to have what breeders call “Aussie Reserve”, which is where they are wary of new people– but they should NEVER show aggression towards them. Aussies are typically very accepting dogs, the fact that your dog is showing such a poor temperament either means he wasn’t properly socialized, properly bred, or he has a medical condition.
    Its sad to say but many dogs are just born “wrong” due to poor breeding, he may need to be euthanized if a trainer can’t help you.

  3. Jenna x

    has he been neutured ? this really does help towards a dogs behaviour.
    training your dog in agility may give him a little more confidence but this doesnt mean that he will become less aggressive.
    my personal advice would be when people enter your house make it clear to him that they are not a threat, and maybe let them give him a treat without being to upfront, or giving him a toy to distract his direct attention from the visitors.
    id also ring a local trainer they would be able to give you a lot of helpful advice.
    good luck!!

  4. Alex R

    it MIGHT, combined with obedience classes (focusing on his aggressive nature), loads of exercise & socializing (yes, he is around people all the time, but PROPERLY socializing a dog is something else entirely!)… i’m curious why you didn’t handle this earlier tho, he could attack someone & you would end up with getting him euthanized & having charges pressed against YOU as well for not controling your dog… so yeah before he kills a small child, take the matters into your own hand, get your dog trained by professionals, exercise him LOADS (you might already be exercising him but maybe he just needs more, under-exercised dogs tend to be aggressive) & socialize him even MORE (extremely carefully of course).

  5. Sybil

    Taking him out on walks and keeping his attention on you while other people walk by, and getting him use to being around a lot of different people will help with his aggressiveness. It’s just a case of you not socializing him with enough people. Mental and physical exercise does wonders for unruly dogs.

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    No, training the dog in agility will not curb his aggression towards humans.
    Find a trainer who works with human aggressive dogs. If you can’t train or control him euthanize him before he hurts/maims or kills some small child.

  7. Katz K

    It might not help with the agression, but excercise helps dogs deal with pent up energy. A tired dog is a good dog, and a good dog isn’t as agressive.

  8. Ashley

    I have a 15 month old female Mini Aussie(my pic).
    She loves kids but is protective around strangers, especially men and sometimes other dogs. She doesn’t lunge at people, she acts more afraid then angry. We got her at 8 weeks old, and she’s gone almost everywhere with me since day one.
    I live in a small town so I can take her for a 2 hour walk and not pass one other person on the sidewalk, so it’s impossible to do any kind of training then.
    Last Saturday was her first agility class, at first she was a little hesitant, because it was a new place with strange dogs and people, but once we started doing things, she loved it! All this week I have been practicing stuff we learned in class, outside of the yard and she already listens better. We’re in a beginner class, so the first class was about getting her to look at me more and stay beside me when I’m running and changing direction, and then we did basic jumps and the tunnel. It was so much fun.
    You never know what will help your dog, till you try things out! 🙂
    Good luck!

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