K, so im in dog training, im only 11. and theres this dog named daisy there, shes a black lab, and really sweet and soft. but the owners who train her let her do wutever she wants it seems like. cause like when we take a break all the dogs get 2 play, get water, do wutever. but whenever daisy plays with my dog, she carges for him. and they’re bot just puppys. and the owners let her charge, i dont want 2 tell them wut they should do and shouldnt do. but whenever daisy plays with any dog she makes them squel, and the owners dont even care.


  1. Sarsie

    I would talk to the person in charge if I were you. It is unacceptable for a dog to be charging another dog even if it’s play. Daisy’s owners should have a little more control over their dog and the trainer should inform them of how they can do so.

  2. wes

    if the owners wont do it then you should. when she charges pull out your tabasco sauce and break it over the eyes of daisy. Then jump around and say what now b****. (Female dog)
    thumbs down?!?!?!? oh come on this is hilarious.

  3. Coopy's Mom

    Tell daisy no yourself, or take your dog away from her. It is probably just puppy play, but if you think she is hurting your dog, put an end to it. Also asking the instructor what to do might help as well. It might look and sound like puppy war, but often they do play rough and squeal a lot while doing it. Good luck.

  4. Nedra E

    Talk to the trainer. It’s the trainer’s job to deal with this.
    Daisy is a very Alpha dog and is dog aggressive and just trying to prove she’s boss of all the dogs. In class, it’s BAD Citizen behavior, and in class she should be a Good Citizen.

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