1. kstarr

    I’m in puppy class at Petsmart right now and it is 99.00 for 8 one hour classes. I have loved the experience so far. We have two pups and it has been great for us and them plus we are making other friends. You learn so much more than just the basic commands, but our trainer is REALLY great so we got lucky. Let me know if you have anymore questions

  2. fireange

    cost is usually under $100. however, depending on what you need, it may not be benefitial. I had to have an expert trainer help me, after I spent (I believe, 4 years ago) $85 for my dog at petco.
    If all you want is basic training, just do it yourself. get a small hip pouch to place treats in. this way, they are always handy. Plus, you’ll need daily training to ensure it works

  3. BYB's suck Saddam'sPen..

    I paid $99 several years ago. I think it went up like $10 or $20 since then, depending on your location.
    I’m pretty sure it was an 8 week course, once a week. The first class was no dogs and the last was graduation. In effect, you got 6 classes.

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