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Pets on New Year’s Eve

Whether you go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve, host a party at home or just sit and watch it all happening on the television, your pets are likely to be affected by New Year’s Eve. Each year the RSPCA takes steps to help people to understand the effects of the festive season on animals […]


Is My Dog Happy?

Have you ever heard this phrase: “Happiness isn’t having what you want but wanting what you have”? Profound, isn’t it? I’m willing to guess a lot of us would love to be able to say that we live a happy life grounded in the contentment that we’re delighted with what we have and not consumed […]


Top Tips for Keeping Older Dogs Active

Age ain’t’ nothin’ but a number! When your dog has reached his senior years – about 7 years old (67 years in human equivalent) for large breeds and 14 years old (76 years in human equivalent) for small breeds – his level of energy may be lower and he may need less exercise. On the […]


10 Of The Strangest Treats Dog’s Are Fed

One of the joys (of which there are undoubtedly MILLIONS) of dog ownership is rewarding good behaviour. It’s such an intuitive element of the dog/human relationship stretching back thousands of years. Dog does good, human rewards the behaviour. Often that reward comes in the form of a tasty treat. Dogs are clever and have certainly […]


Pain Relief for Dogs: What You Should Know

Dogs don’t always show pain. Something obvious like a broken leg or a bad sprain will show, but the dull ache of osteoarthritis may not be noticed, especially during the initial stages. This, of course, makes your job of detection a little more challenging. Instead of looking for yelping or crying, detection of pain involves […]


Osteoarthritis In Young Dogs: Is My Dog At Risk?

Canine osteoarthritis starts because of deterioration in the joint cartilage. In young dogs, such deterioration is usually because of either injury or structural defects such as hip dysplasia or osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD). Assessing Your Dog’s Risk Profile There are a number of factors that define whether or not your dog is at risk of developing […]


Help! I Think My Dog Has Arthritis In His Back Legs, What Now?

If you suspect that your dog has arthritis, don’t panic. Instead, congratulate yourself for being in touch with your dog’s health and smart enough to recognise that he may have a problem. Then, pick up the phone and call your veterinarian for advice. What Your Vet Will Look For History. Your veterinarian will start by […]


Easy Way to Teach Your Dog to Walk to Heel [Video]

Teaching our dog to walk nicely to heel not only makes life more comfortable for us when we’re out for a stroll, it’s also much more pleasant for the four-legged guy on the other end of the lead! So, here’s how you do it.


Mange In Dogs: What You Need to Know

Mange…think about it enough times and I am sure you will start to itch at the mere mention of the word! It is neither a pleasant thought nor a pleasant disease to suffer from. Sadly it is more common than you may realise. Often it is only associated with unclean, unloved dogs, but this stigma […]


How To Spot Signs Of Fleas In Dogs

Checking your dog for fleas can and should form a regular part of your canine maintenance rituals, it isn’t just a dog who scratches that could be infected. As the saying goes – a stitch in time saves 9. Well, in the case of fleas, it can save a lot more than 9 bites since […]


Caring For a Convalescing Dog

I am a man, in case people out there don’t realise it. However, my goatee beard should really give it away. Being a man allows me to do several things, not at the same time, as that would be too much. I am allowed to own the remote control and give special dispensation for my […]


Flea Problems In Summer

Some pet owners will already have had the unfortunate luck to discover that fleas are a problem throughout all year round, but some may not. Micro-climates in homes, gardens and parks allow them to survive during the coldest winters; however fleas are a bigger issue in summer as warmth and humidity can speed up their life cycle. […]


What Are The Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs?

Experts estimate that over a million dogs suffer from canine osteoarthritis in the UK and a shocking 650,000 of these cases go undiagnosed. This is because arthritis is really difficult to spot and, unlike humans, dogs don't display obvious signs of chronic pain. Joe Inglis, a vet who has appeared in the media, has said, […]


Protect Your Grass from Dog Urine

Dog urine can kill your lovely green grass. It’s a problem many a dog owner has faced and it causes frustration and annoyance that on the one hand we want our dogs to enjoy our garden, on the other, WE want to enjoy our garden as well! Our well kept lawn is now looking more […]

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How to Have a Dog Proof Home

As a dog owner, you'll know just how crucial it is to keep your dog safe and protected in their home and garden. With dog theft on the rise and straying figures also climbing, this timely guide from DogTips.co (how to dog proof your home) is essential reading for any dog lover. In the article […]


How to Stop a Puppy From Biting

How to stop a puppy from biting your hand too hard is one of those problems that crop up over and over again on these pages. We've recently recommended the FANTASTIC 'Cure Puppy Biting' book which helps owners solve this perennial canine behaviour issue inside the space of a dinner break. But we thought we'd […]


Kidney Disease in Dogs Doesn’t Have Mean The End

Kidney Disease In Dogs by K9 Magazine – The Dog Magazine For Modern Dog Lovers Listen on Posterous Kidney disease in dogs is one of the canine health concerns that more and more of our readers are asking about. You know, they often say that one of the few downsides to a dog is that […]


Why Do Dogs Dig?

Ahh. That perennial question: why do dogs dig? Dogs, it would appear, love to dig. Let us see if we can't get to the bottom of this fascinating canine behavior trait and learn the secret as to why dogs love to dig. Some dogs have practical reasons for digging: It gets them under the fence! […]


Breakthrough For Heart Failure in Dogs

A break-through drug to treat congestive heart failure (CHF) in dogs is now available in the United States. Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) is the exclusive manufacturer of Vetmedin(R) (pimobendan), which is the first new drug approved by the FDA in over a decade to treat CHF in dogs. [sws_toggle1 title=”Important: Extend Your Dog’s Life […]


Passive Smoking Harms Dogs

Can Second Hand Smoke Harm Dogs? March is the month where National No Smoking Day urges people across the country consider stubbing out once and for all, leading veterinary charity, PDSA, is encouraging owners to consider their pet’s health when lighting up. Research* shows cats exposed to second-hand smoke are twice as likely to develop […]