Experts estimate that over a million dogs suffer from canine osteoarthritis in the UK and a shocking 650,000 of these cases go undiagnosed. This is because arthritis is really difficult to spot and, unlike humans, dogs don't display obvious signs of chronic pain.

Joe Inglis, a vet who has appeared in the media, has said,

"Hundreds of thousands of our dogs are suffering every minute of the day with really painful joints and there's a strong chance that yours could be one of them. The funny thing is that you wouldn't know because they will only yelp if they experience sharp pain, like stepping on glass, but with a gnawing pain like arthritis they'll just put up with it and it'll get worse and worse."

Joe continues,

"People need to take action, check out their dog and take them to the vet for a professional diagnosis. Once the condition has been identified, it can be treated immediately and your dog can be back to fighting fit condition.

Symptoms of Canine Osteoarthritis Include:

– Licking or self injury
– Reluctance to walk or play
– Difficulty in getting up, climbing stairs and/or jumping into the car
– Limping or stiffness
– Change in character or aggression
– Reduced interaction with people
– Reduced appetite
– Increase in anxiety/clinginess

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