My kitten has fleas, and is going to the vet today. I want to know what I can wash my clothes and sheets in to ensure that these things are gone?


  1. Anna E

    Just regular laundry soap and wash like you regularly do, but maybe run it through the wash cycle twice. Fleas drown in water so you don’t have to do anything more than wash clothes in soapy water like usual.

  2. KiddoSue

    dish washing detergent, dawn, sunlight palmolive any brand all kill fleas. here’s an experiment you can try if you feel like it;
    take 2 small bowl fill half full with water add one or two drops of dish soap to one bowl leave the other plain. find some fleas put some in one bowl some in the other. The ones in the water only bowl will swimm and might even be able to crawl up the side of the bowl, those in the other bowl will sink to the bottom and drown!
    Any thing that survives the wash or can’t be washed would be killed if put in a hot dryer for 20 minutes or so

  3. New Tech

    white clothes put some bleach and water and soak the clothes in there for couple of hours. Color clothes mix hot water very really hot boiling water with vinegar and do the same soak it for about 2 hours and then wash everything with hot water.

  4. catlover

    I would say put it on heavy duty wash and hot water with your usual detergent, you can ask your vet if they have any recomendations. you will need to treat your whole house for fleas as well.

  5. Sherri R

    Dawn Dish soap the blue kind. will kill fleas on anything. I give my cats baths with it if they have flea and you can see them roll off.

  6. Link Building

    Bleach, it kills anything.. including fleas.
    Wash your clothes in bleach and hot water.. unless they are dark colored clothes, then use COLOR SAFE BLEACH in Cold water. ALso, if you are anti-bleach, you could use some Oxiclean powder.. it will screw up the pH of the water so much that the fleas will die… if they weren’t drowned already.

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