I got a budgie for my partner at christmas and since then we have started to find fleas in our home… we are spotless so this bird must have brought them into the house… I think!


  1. sky

    Birds do not get fleas, but they can have mites. The fleas were brought in another way. they can stay dormant in a carpet for a long, long time and when the heat is turned up or it is summer start to jump. Go to the vets and get Frontline house spray, make sure you and the budgie are out of the house after you have sprayed it (read instructions) and make sure the house is well ventilated when spraying, better still, wear a face mask when spraying it.

  2. pyramid

    I do not think that birds can get fleas. the fleas that affect a cat or a dog apparently do not affect a bird. But however a bird is susceptible to different kinds of mites and lices. so basically its like they have different “fleas” for different kinds of animals. Birdss with lice will seem to preen and scratch more vigorously than normal and start to lose feathers, making the coat seem scarce, revealing bald spots. Also you can check for red mites by putting a white cage cover over the cage at night and in the morning you will see clearly the red black or dark coloured mites on the underside of the cloth. These mites are dangerous and can make even an adult bird very sick. If you do think your budgie has mites or lice you can buy mite and lice disinfectant from the store and spray your budgie cage and accesories once and then a second time 5 days after and then a third time a week after because the disinfectant does not kill eggs. But don’t spray it on the bird because it will probably just try and preen it all off and itll end up all over its mouth nose and everywhere else it shudnt be. I hope this was of some help to you!

  3. BikerChi

    No – budgies get mites which are much smaller. If your bird is constantly scratching and biting, get a good mite spray from a REPUTABLE bird dealer, not a large store such as PETCO – the people that work there really don’t know much. Fleas can remain dormant in your carpets for YEARS and pop up at any time without good reason. Fleas also can come in on other people who have fleas in their homes or from grass outside your home – nasty useless litlle pests fleas are. Fleas are hard to get rid of -Check on the “how to” website.

  4. shaunmat

    I’m not sure but I do know that they get ticks and go to the petshop,they will sell it to you and explain how to use it if need be.

  5. the hater

    No they get ticks and go to the petshop and they will sell it to you and explain how to use it if need be.

  6. risla

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