K9 Politics – Will a Closed Registry Lead to Genetic Genocide for our Dogs?

In this explosive expose, genetics expert Patrick Burns lifts the lid on the impending disaster that awaits every single pedigree dog in the world if we are forced to continue our dangerous and harmful breeding practices. With the pedigree system governed by a self appointed body, is it about time dog owners took action and destroyed the closed registry system?

Travelling with Your Pet – By Ferry

Gone are the days of enforced quarantine and boarding kennels. Dogs can freely travel to all manner of places with no stress, but being an island, this does involve the odd boat or plane. Follow our guide to hassle free ferry travel – with expert input from those in the know.

Abandoned Dogs Take the Racing World by Storm

One American Woman’s miraculous story of success is only matched by the amazing dogs she loves. Having upped sticks from Colorado to exist in a remote Alaskan hill town, Jill St.Clair-Garnet proves that her dogs don’t need a pedigree certificate to achieve excellence. With the odds stacked against them, Gill and her dogs took on the established Alaskan racing dogs and came out winners – find out how.

A History Lesson – The Pre-industrial canine diet.

What did the dog owners of pre-industrial Britain know about feeding their dogs that we didn’t? We take a look at the shape, size and content of the canine diet before canned dog food and life stage diets made it all too easy.

K9 Magazine Guide to Children and Dogs – Learning the basics of good nutrition.

Teaching the today’s future dog owners the basics of dog ownership is essential if man is to maintain his good relations with the canine. Delivering good nutrition is one of the most important things any dog owner can do, so we explore all manner of ways in which we can start ’em young and get the kids into feeding their dogs right.

A View from… – India

We revisit a previous ‘view from’ to see what’s changed in India for the nation’s dogs. This time, we focus on the popular holiday resort of Goa, where dogs have had a rough time of late. Written by animal welfare professionals based in the region, we get an exclusive insider’s view of life for Goa’s dogs. The good, the bad and the ugly – but we’re happy to see that the fortunes of Goa’s dogs are certainly on the up.

How Does He Do That? – Understanding how man created the Sight Hound

The first in a series of investigations in to just how man crafted and formed such a wide array of working dogs. From Gun Dogs to Droving Dogs, how much of a part did nature play in encouraging the canine to work for us? We examine the mechanics of training, exploiting instinct and the selective breeding that has gone in to creating the working dog. In this issue, we look at the oldest type of working dog in the world – the Sight Hound.

Ten Tips for Tip-Top Teeth

Dental health is monumentally important for the dog. Unhealthy teeth and gums aren’t just a matter of pain or discomfort, it’s a matter of life and death. Oral infections can spread through the body, leading to fatal illnesses – and any dog with a sore mouth will struggle to feed. In the wild, a gum infection or tooth ache normally signals the end for a dog. Which is why K9 Magazine have found the top ten tips for good canine oral hygiene, with in-put from some very knowledgeable sources.

Fido and the Fur Trade – Can You Spot Genuine Faux Fur?

Most people think that the fur trade has gone the way of the Dodo. They’d be wrong – in some parts of the world, it is cheaper to slaughter an animal than to manufacture faux fur and worrying evidence suggests that real fur is creeping back in to our high streets posing as fake fur. When one global celebrity and fashion designer was revealed for selling fashion items that contained Raccoon Dog fur, the eyes of the world once again focused on the dark trade.

On the Front-Line – Meet the Service Dogs of Iraq

No war in the history of man kind would have been the same without dogs. Today’s high-tech, computer assisted battle zones are no different. At any given time, there are legions of highly trained, super specialised canines operating in Iraq, protecting, searching and assisting the men and women stationed there. Captain Ric Cole sent us his report from the front line and introduced us to some life saving dogs.

K9 Magazine Advisory Panel

Once again our readers pick the brains of our panel of canine experts. Health, behaviour, nutrition and training – we’ve got all the bases covered.

17 Must Do Canine Activities

Sometimes we just let time slip by without fulfilling our dreams. That’s all part of the human psyche, but we should make absolutely sure that our dogs’ short stay on Earth is crammed full of activities to make the tail wag. Holly Kernot took to the streets and found out just what activities the world’s dogs should do at least once before they die.

Triage for Pets – A revolution in veterinary care

In an age where vet bills represent a large chunk of a dog owner’s expenditure, it’s surprising that it has taken this long for someone to plug the gaping chasm in the market for an intermediate service, where people can take their pets to a qualified, experienced veterinary nurse for advice, small procedures and treatment without paying vet fees. Veterinary triage’s first established practitioner tells how she got started and hot it’s all going.

Breed Profile – Norwegian Elkhound

For soon to be dog owners and interested canine enthusiasts, the breed profile has proven to be one of K9 Magazine’s most popular regulars. This issue we focus on the striking Norwegian Elkhound. Looking at the history, behaviour, care requirements and physical form of this unusual yet highly attractive breed.

12 Ways to Lower Your Vet Bills

From grooming tips to health maintenance, there are plenty of ways every dog owner can cut down the expenditure that faces them after a trip to the vet. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on veterinary care – so we advise on the best ways to avoid costly trips to the vet and how to keep your dog in top form. We also uncover some neat money saving tips when that vet trip is unavoidable.

Me and my dog – With Tamar Gellar

Canine expert Tamar Gellar explains her revolutionary system for encouraging desirable canine behaviour whilst introducing us to her pack of pet dogs.

Puppy Series – Getting your Puppy Used to Car Travel

There’s more to travelling with your dog and hoping for the best than just opening the boot and hoping for the best. The dog needs to become familiar and comfortable with the new, interesting but possibly intimidating environment before any car journey goes smoothly. How would you feel if you were introduced to a quickly moving show-reel of images, zipping past you as you go whilst being tumbled around in the back without prior warning?

K9 Science – What’s New with Dog Food

Sometimes it’ just impossible to keep up with the fascinating develops made in the labs of our favourite dog food manufacturers. So we caught up with a group of pet food suppliers to find out what they’re planning on feeding our dogs next.

Pet Friendly Autos – Ford Mondeo Estate

Britain’s favourite car is put through its paces to see if popularity does equal pet friendliness. We take the stylish new Mondeo for a spin with a difference.

Adopting a Rescue Dog – No Need For Pity

Many people see adopting a dog as an act of mercy – we see it as a privilege. K9 Magazine debunks the myths about ‘last chance’ dogs and uncovers why in a lot of cases, rescuing a dog from a shelter works out better than getting a brand new pup.

Interview with Kim Kardashian

We caught up with American socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian to talk about life with her army of famous dogs.

K9 Book Club – Noddy Travels

We get a sneak peak inside the fantastic new book, Noddy Travels. Educational and fun, Noddy travels is perfect for dog loving kids.

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