Ten Things My Dog Taught Me About Being A Mum

A heart-warming and inspirational account of how one gentle dog prepared a soon to be mother for the responsibility and sacrifice of raising a child. This item was written by Catherine Boalch, an American writer based in Paris about her “gambolling Golden Retriever”, Burt. Catherine fondly remembers the ten most important things Burt taught her about her incumbent duties as a mother.

In the Spotlight – Nikki Grahame

Former Big Brother star housemate, Nikki Grahame spoke to K9 Magazine about her two Chihuahuas Baby and Tinkerbell.

The Top 25 Items Ever to Appear in K9 Magazine

To celebrate our milestone 25th issue, we reflected on how far we’ve come. It took a huge amount of debate and effort, but we managed to narrow down our collective favourites, our reader’s favourites and the most important editorial items ever to grace our pages. The article demonstrates the development and progress that K9 Magazine in its endeavour to be the best lifestyle magazine for dog owners.

Interview with Pete Wentz

K9 Magazine scored quite a coup when we tracked down the world’s most famous Peter (second only to Peter Pan on Google). Pete Wentz, to the handful of people who haven’t heard of him, is the song-writer and bass player in American rock band Fall Out Boy. With gold discs putting serious strain on his wall space, and a public profile growing by the day, we were lucky to get Pete to squeeze us in to his hectic schedule. In this fascinating chat, Pete tells about his dog, Hemingway – who is possibly the world’s most famous celebrity pet at the moment as well as revealing tour secrets and sharing his life motto.

Protecting your Puppy for the Future

Quite often we don’t respond to the needs of our dog until it’s too late. Whether that is insurance, socialisation, training or just feeding good quality food. This handy guide aims to arm the average puppy owner with knowledge and information on how best to ensure their puppy grows up to be a well adjusted, well mannered and protected member of the family.

Breed Profile – Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is one of Britain’s most popular dog breeds. Their good health, friendly disposition and spunky persona make them an irresistable choice for many. The Border Terrier’s working ability and loyalty also make them a popular choice for work on farms and in rural settings. In this regular item, we explore the history, genetics, development and modern requirements of yet another popular dog breed. Find out why the Border Terrier is considered to be one of the healthiest purebed dogs in the world and much more besides in this, the latest in the ever popular Breed Profile series.

K9 Behaviour – Is your Dog a Hypocondriac?

Have you ever suspected that your dog is smarter than you gave him credit for? You were probably right, especially if your suspicions were raised by an apparently poorly dog displaying remarkable coping skills when he thinks you aren’t looking. Many dogs remember the fuss and attention they recieve when un-well and associate that with a good feeling. In order to regain that good feeling, it is not unheard of for dogs to feign injury like an Italian footballer from the Eighties. Use this intruguing expose to spot the signs and finger that malingering pet!

7 Ways to Keep your Senior Dog in Good Health

As dogs age, their health requirements change quite rapidly. Diet, exercise and lifestyle are in need of a radical make-over to ensure that your older dog enjoys his twilight years as much as possible. Tips on preventing join pain, weight gain and depression are just some of the reasons that his feature is an essential read if your dog is getting on a bit.

Are you a Good Dog Owner?

If you’ve recently found yourself wondering if you’re performing as well as you should be in the dog ownership stakes, you’re not alone. Many dog owners are under pressure from their social group, local government and the media to prove their worth as dog owners, but is this fascination and obsession with showing our ability to be good dog owners distracting us from the real issues? Find out if you’ve been the victim of dog owner prejudice in this expose. Desmond Fellows reveals his experiences of dog ownership guilt and even makes a few confessions about where he’s gone wrong.

How Does He Do That? – Terriers

In the second part of new series, we explore the origins of the terrier. We find out just what makes a terrier a terrier and what role man played in its development. From working roots to the show-ring, the terrier has come a long way, but what does the future hold for those fiesty little specimens we know and love. Find out all about selective breeding, the dark side to the terrier’s history and the point when the type hit a cross-roads in its development.

Raw Revolution

Why are more dog owners than ever before taking their pet’s diet back to nature? We find out in this in-depth article, where we speak to owners who have turned their back on shop-bought pet foods and are relying on butcher scraps and raw meat to deliver the right balance of nutrition to their grateful dogs. Elizabeth Roberts gets her hands dirty and explores the benefits and draw backs of going natural with the domestic canine diet.

Autism Service Dogs – A New Chapter in Canine Assistance

Meet William, a charming and bright five year old boy with autism. Up until recently, William’s life was a stressful combination of noise, commotion and activity, he simply couldn’t function in situations that we all take for granted. Shopping, visiting friends or even going out to play were traumatic experiences for him and many others with autism. But recently, William has been liberated from this by a new arrival in his life, Percy an autism assistance dog. William, with the help of his new Labrador pal are now ready to make up for lost time exploring, playing and generally living life to the full. In this inspirational feature, we talk to the team behind pairing up William and Percy and find out just how much went in to making the match.

A View from America (Georgia)

In our regular around the world series, we find out what it’s like to be a dog abroad. In this issue, Chamblee Abernethey reveals the hidden truths about dog welfare in her home state of Georgia. Looking beyond the pet parlours of Beverly Hills and the dog walk enthusiasts of Central Park, we reveal the dark side of neglectful America.

Pet Friendly Autos – Skoda Octavia

In this issue we put the once maligned Skoda brand under the microscope. Find out why the Octavia is forging ahead in the desirability stakes and why your dog may love it too.

Pet Travel – My Pet Friendly Holiday with a Difference

When Paul Rigg had finished planning his holiday of a lifetime he thought all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the experience. Little did he know that his dog Mutley had other plans – plans that would at first appear to be the ruin of the once in a lifetime trip, but turned out to make the trip even better than he had dreamed.

Dog Charities – Where Does Your Money Go? (revisited)

In 2005 we had a good root through the accounts of some of your favourite animal charities to find out just how they spend your money. We revisited these institutions who were only too happy to give us another go at their books, but this time we included some new charities in our investigations. Holly Kernot set to work finding out which charities were suffering most from the credit crunch and who managed to slash their administrative costs in half.

Interview with Kate Humble

Kate Humble, well known as one half of the Springwatch team sat down for a chat with K9 Magazine. In this fascinating catch-up, she shared her history of pet ownership and introduced us to her new RSPCA rescue dog Badger. A fascinating read for anyone who has ever pondered the effects of relocating on their dog.

8 Ways to get the Best from your Vet

Every dog owner will need the advice or attention of a vet at some point. So we set out to find a list of ways in which we can ensure we get value for money as well as piece of mind. This practical and informative guide opens the door to a new world where your vet really will work for you. It also gives tips and hints on how to avoid becoming too well acquanted with your vet and how to ensure that you don’t pay too much for medicine.

German Shepherds – The New Dalmatian

The Dalmatian effect is a phenomenon whereby an animal or breed of animal experiences an unprecedented boom in popularity due to a film. In this case, the German Shepherd, made (even more) popular by the film I am Legend is the latest dog breed to subject to an upsurge in attention. We explore the underlying reasons for this unusual human behaviour as well as speaking to those directly affected by it.

Diary of a Re-Homed Dog – Molly’s Story

K9 Magazine editor Sean O’Meara reveals the ups and downs of a dog close to his own heart who came within a whisker of becoming yet another shelter statistic. Due to the death of her owner, Molly, a plucky old mix-breed found herself homeless and ended up relying on a network of friends and family to keep her from the re-homing system, where she would have struggled to find a new home. This is a brutally honest and revealing account of how we as a society view older dogs and how the editor of K9 Magazine had to ask himself some painful questions.

Healing Dogs for Deaf People

What happens when our assitance dogs need a little assitance of their own? We find out how a formerly alternative mode of treatment has forced itself into the mainstream via the assistance dog community.

Real Life – IMHA, My Dog’s Worst Enemy

When an unknown killer takes hold of your dog, it’s hard to know what to do. This is the story of one family’s struggle against all the odds to help their dog fight off a silent and invisible killer. Despite a brave struggle, this installment of the ever popular Real Life series doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, but there is certainly a positive outcome on the horizon.

K9 Politics – Is the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme a Flawed Concept

Without a doubt, this one of the most controversial and potentially explosive items ever featured in K9 Magazine. We explore the true motives of the Kennel Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme and expose the flaws they don’t want you to know about. K9 Politics is hard-hitting but always fair, which is why the Kennel Club have been given the chance to defend themselves and answer some probing questions. Look at the facts, weigh up the evidence and make up your own mind. We have.

Anatomy of a Police Dog

If you’ve ever wondered what the process is to take a cute bundle of fur pup and turn it into an efficient and fearless crime fighting canine, this is the feature for you. Elana Rose spoke to those in the know about creating the perfect police dog and the sacrifices that are made along the way. A fascinating account of the dog’s dedication to serving man.

Me and My Dog – Martin Clunes

Television funny man turned nature documentary make Martin Clunes spoke to us about his new found appreciation for the canine race, as well as letting us in on his chaotic but fun life with his own dogs.

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