Well my dog is scared of my new dog and gets mad if the puppy gets too close. Do you know how to train so my dog so it won’t be scared of the puppy or get mad to the point it gets defensive? I mean, ive heard of training so the dog won’t attact house cats on tv. Never saw one for dogs. Well, there slowly getting used to each other but just making sure.


  1. len

    Rewards almost always work. Find a moment when your older dog responds well to the new puppy, then, at that very moment, give him a reward. Perhaps a morsel of food. Certainly a lot of attention and emotional ‘great dog!’ sort of activity. Slowly he will learn.

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    What you have to do is give you dogs equal attention so one doesn’t feel more left out than the other, and try petting them both at the same time. Give them equal amount of treats also. Play with them both also. I know it’s going to seem that you have to give the puppy more attention with training and even though you have to train the puppy you can’t forget the older dog. over time they’ll work it out themselves.

  3. Claire!

    Make sure you do not give the new puppy more attention then the old dog. Make sure the old dog feels dominate. Pet him first and then pet the puppy it Will make him feel more”top dog”. Feed the old dog first as well. As long as you tend to the old dog first things should be fine.

  4. fearfuld

    Keep the puppy away from your other dog. Puppies can be real pains in the butt to some dogs. Associate good things with the puppy, for example, cut up some cheese and bring the puppy over and feed them both the treats. Save special treats for the other dog, that he only gets when the puppy is nearby.
    Make sure that your other dog knows that you understand he is not comfortable with the puppy. If he knows you will monitor the situation he’ll be less likely to have to do it himself.

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