This particular dog has had 3 homes already, and is about to be given away unless it can learn to go potty outside. In the past, I’ve had no trouble (more than usual at least) house-training dogs… but this one doesn’t seem to get it. I give her treats when she does go outside, and discipline her when she goes inside… she’ll go outside (and go potty or not), then 30 minutes later she’ll poop and/or pee somewhere in the house. I don’t know what else to do! I don’t want her to be given away again though because I’m sure it’s pretty traumatic for her to constantly change homes (she’s only about a year old). Please let me know if you have any suggestions that may help! Thanks 🙂


  1. Scorpio1

    Use a crate to housetrain. Dogs will not defecate where they sleep. It works the best out of any other method. Even a dog that is formerly outside can learn this way. Remember,BIG praise when she goes outside. Inside pottying, stern “NO” (no hitting, kicking, smacking-even w/ a paper) & then into the crate, while she is in the crate ignore her! The fun of the household goes on w/out her. All dogs want to be w/ their people, being ignored sucks! Night time she spends in the crate. When you leave the house during the day, she is in the crate. No food or water in the crate. DO provide toys in the crate for entertainment. The crate becomes the dogs “place”. Do not allow children to play in it. Oh, and if she does have an accident & takes off running for the crate when she hears “NO”, do not punish her EVER inside the crate, the crate is safety not a cornering area to punish her further. Good Luck.
    P.S. In the beginning it helps to take her out every 20 minutes & no food or water after 6 PM.

  2. scubafre

    First is the female dog going potty in the same place when she does it inside? Then is it done on a rug even if u clean the suffuse of the rug it still retains the oder n u need to use a spray then reples the dog from goning there again n the if the dog is left alone alot this might be a way of showing her fear of being left alone so give her aomething of yours to play with. but at just under a year it take time to teach a dog to do potty out side it took me one till my dog was 1 1/2 years old
    n how do u discipline her u dont hit the dog r rub the nose in the potty this is not good reinforcement just show the dog the place where she went n say no then take her wout side with the potty n put it on the ground n prase her. tell her this is good n she will get the point in do time.

  3. winterlv

    My friend had the same kind of prob. and was told by the vet to Kennel Train the dog and it worked. For about 2 wks, depending on the dog….she kept her in the doggy kennel in the living room except to go potty or go excercise and when she did potty out side she did the treats and praises… the more she pottied outside the less time in the Kennel…..except at night and when my friend is away of course….But anyway the dog never goes in the house anymore.

  4. Puppy Dog

    We have two Baby puppies two. I suggest the match trick. Where you get like a wood match and put lotion on it. you stick up their butt. It has worked every time for me. Or you get wee-wee pads. They have a smell on it dogs like. It works like a charm. Please try it. Thanks

  5. gaddygur

    get a crate. keep her in the crate when you are not playing with her. when you take her out of the crate take her straight outside. praise her when her goes outside. if she isn’t eating/drinking, or playing keep her in the crate. also when she is done eating, drinking, or playing you should take her outside before you put her back in her crate. make sure the crate is only large enough for her to lay and turn around in it. if its too big she’ll have enough room to go potty in that. she should learn that the only place to go to the bathroom is outside pretty fast. also get a couple of baby gates and if you want her out of the crate you can keep in an area you can always see her.

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