besides, i cant find any others…
dog agility and obedience is fun to watch.


  1. Danger, Will Robinson!

    Read some great books on training. (Try not to pick books randomly – there are a lot of bad books out there also!) These are some of my favorites and you can get them on
    What All Good Dogs Should Know – Volhard
    Good Owners, Great Dogs – Brian Kilcommins
    Dog Tricks : Eighty-Eight Challenging Activities for Your Dog from World-Class Trainers by Haggerty and Benjamin
    Don’t Shoot the Dog – Pryor
    Training Your Dog: The Step by Step Method – Volhard
    Dog Problems – Benjamin
    Cesar’s Way – Cesar Millan
    Also, watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar Millan is the best trainer I’ve ever seen on TV. He’s got some great DVD’s for sale – best money you’ll ever spend!

  2. Les

    There are lots of DVD to buy on line.
    Thanks I didn’t know you can watch on-line will check it out.
    If you are member of SKC they have tapes you can borrow or find friends at dog class.
    Being a memeber of a dog class we are alawys sharing our STUFF. (Books, notes, tapes, DVD’s.)

  3. hoffkat_

    try looking up ceaser millon he is a dog whisperer and is said to be a good dog trainer if you cant find him on the net sometimes he is on animal planet and at walmart he has vidios also pet smart might be good i think they have training classes that you take your dog there so your dog gets to mingle and they have good classes advise and books

  4. Invader Zim

    Well theres a training clip on goregasm where they show how in south africa shepards are trained on unprotected people to go for other colored people causing trouble… but Im sure you dont want the link, do you???

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