i have 2 indoor cats and through out the years they never had fleas till now.
i was going to buy fea collars, but i heard cats can get sick from them.


  1. Lunaeria

    i would suggest getting those drops that you put on the back of their necks once a month, thats what i use on both of my cats and i’ve never had a problem.. i had a friend who put a flea collar on her cat, and her cat started losing fur…. O.o

  2. cat lover

    If they are being indoor only, then I would really suggest giving them brewer’s yeast tablets, available in health food stores. Fleas do not like the taste of blood of a cat who has taken brewer’s yeast. I am assuming the flea problem is not severe. If it is, then probably a one time treatment of Frontline or Revolution by the vet would kill the current crop, and brewer’s yeast will manage the future potential problems.

  3. miranda

    No, flea collars are dangerous and don’t work.
    Frontline, Revolution, and those similar products at your vet are the best and safest options. You can also order stuff online, just don’t grab something at the grocery store/Target…
    I used Frontline in the past and it was great. I use Revolution now because I put it on the strays that hang around outside and it protects them from more than just fleas. But for indoor cats, Frontline should be perfect.

  4. justsuea

    some cats can be allergic to flea collars and can become sick from them , i find the safest way to get rid of fleas is front line spot on.you treat the cats once a month with a small tube of the formula..also i give my garlic tablets every day,this too helps with flea problems or you could use yeast tablets or sprinkle some powdered yeast on their food daily.

  5. sherri.h

    flea collars don’t work and they stink
    you can get stuff from the vet that kills all the fleas ont he animal in 24 hrs and also in your rugs, furniture etc its the best thing . If you use cheap stuff atthe store it doesn’t get the eggs out of your linens and rugs etc.

  6. Free Wordpress Plugins

    I don’t believe so, and they tend to irrate cats. I used to use flea collars but now I use frontline plus and it works like a charm. It doesn’t bother the cats and I haven’t seen a flea since I began using it. It’s also cheaper if you buy it through 1-800 -PetMeds or 1-800-738-6337.

  7. catlover

    they are almost the worst thing you can use, go to the vet and they can get you something that will work and won’t kill your cats

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