I’m a super attendant, and have an apartment left with fleas, i’m curious if there’s an effective way to get rid of them minus calling an exterminator?


  1. tikitiki

    You can buy sprays yourself. I remember years ago going to the farmers coop and buying Dursban, think it’s been banned though lol….Worked great though! But there are other sprays you can buy and mix with water and spray around. But I don’t know if that’d be a good idea putting down in case someone rents it out that has children crawling around on the floor.
    For carpet, put down some Borax laundry booster, let it sit overnight then vacuum the next day. I’ve head it’s supposed to absorb the eggs, and it suffocates the adult fleas. Also, you can buy some shampoo for carpet cleaners that’s made to kill fleas. I would do that as well. For floors, a mixture of bleach and water and just mop them. Wipe everything down, and be sure to hit all the closests and any little corners and nooks as well.

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