I’m currently using ProMeris on my 3 cats. I’ve tried Advantage as well and one more brand I can’t currently remember the name of. All of these brands are expensive on a monthly basis. I also question the overall safety of these treatments. Do you know of any natural ways of getting rid of fleas on cats?


  1. AJ Franklin

    You will have to give your pet a shampoo with Dawn Dishwash Liquid and warm water. Start at the top of the head, avoid getting soap in eyes, and wash down and back including the butt and the tail. Rinse in warm water and towel dry.
    Then spread some 20-Mule-Team borax across the floors and carpets and even on the sofas and chairs if they are infested with fleas. Don’t put it on the cat…but it is harmless to them if they walk in it and it won’t hurt people. Vacuum up the borax after about an hour. Repeat 2 or 3 days in a row and all the fleas will be dead and their eggs won’t hatch.
    Sounds like a lot of work? It’s not and it should end your problem for pennies on the dollar. Good Luck!

  2. cblkcats

    Yes..after giving them a good old bath just comb with a flea comb and start them on Brewers Yeast Tablets. Brewers Yeast works wonders on keeping fleas off AND makes cats coats shiny and thick. My cats love the tablets and actually eat them like a treat..if you have difficulty with the tablets they also at any feed-store or pet store should have Brewers Yeast Powder you can add that into food. The tablets are relitively inexpensive also, I buy a bottle of 60 for about three dollars or so…try it I think you will be pleased with the results!!! ….Oh they also make a Brewers Yeast formula that contains garlic as well..Fleas HATE this too!!! Cheers!!

  3. Robyn N

    check out onlynaturalpetstore.com. they have reviews of their products and i use their flea powder and natural oils for dogs. it works for me! they also have a natural spray that i put on my dog when i think she might come in contact with fleas.
    i think advantage and frontline are awful for you and your pet. i would definitely try the natural alternatives. if you are diligent, i think they work just as well as the toxic stuff.

  4. presouzK

    I did it for about 10 years when I had indoor outdoor kitties, now only indoor, so no need any more but it was a life savor!!
    How I got rid of fleas and bugs from my home
    You will need to get a simple bug/fly zapper; a friend or neighbor may already have one you can use. You can buy one that will cover a 3000 sq ft area of your house at an OSH or Home Dept type stores for as little as 20.00-30.00 dollars. Place the zapper on the FLOOR in a corner behind an end table so kids and pets won’t bother it. Remember, it is a piece of electrical equipment. You have to use caution in where you put it. Fleas will go to the light especially at night. When they hop in to the bug zapper you can actually hear little, zits, zits when the fleas are getting fried! Keep the carpet vacuumed daily until your flea problem is under control, this will help tremendously in getting the fleas eggs out of your home and carpet faster and break the flea egg cycle!! I am not responsible for misuse of the this item, I am telling you what I did with my zapper and it worked so well I wanted to share my success. Use full caution in placing your bug zapper to the safest place. It will work for months, even years; it will continue to kill bugs in your home as long as the light is on. The bulb can be replaced once it burns out. The light bulb can be purchased the same stores mentioned above. Here is a photo of the one I have always used. http://www.samstores.com/_images/product…

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