The mom cat goes outside sometimes, and now these poor little babies have fleas, kinda bad.
How do I get rid of them?


  1. Jean H

    Do NOT use any flea soap on the kits at 1 month old!
    They are tiny enough to use a sink or even a small bucket. Use baby or Ivory soap. Many rescues use Ivory, it’s mild enough. Mom should be bathed first. but if she freaks about that sort of thing, go with a flea collar. A flea collar worries me a bit, but it’s better than using any flea soap/sprays that will end up being ingested by the kits when they nurse. Her bedding needs to be changed to fresh to get rid of the fleas in the bed/box. No flea sprays unless your vet can show you one that is safe to use for the kit’s age. Use soap and water if the bed is a carrier that can’t be tossed away like a cardboard box can.
    Warm water, not hot. One at a time get the kit wet up to it’s neck behind the ears by setting in the warm water . Be careful of getting it’s face underwater. Get a dime or smaller size spot of the soap and lather starting from the back of ears down to tail. Starting from the neck will keep the fleas from moving to the head and escaping the soap. Lather well, use the nit/flea comb to remove fleas from the fur if you have one. Rinse very well and towel dry well. Return to mom for warmth and she can help finish drying them. You can try tweezers to remove the fleas also. Babes need to stay warm, so be prepared to be sweaty in the bathing room. You need it nice and warm in there!
    Do the kits one at a time. If possible to take them from the old box and set the bathed ones in the new box you lessen the transfer of fleas to the new bed. They need to be kept in a warm, draft free room.
    Try to just keep the mom inside from now on til the kits are old enough to be weaned. It will make it safer and healthier for all of them and less risk of your house being infested, you getting flea bites, and spending alot of money trying to clear your house of fleas.

  2. linda m

    Why dont you get a fine tooth comb, the same as what people use to get rid of lice out of hair, and comb your kittens. Use a bowl of very warm water and dunk the comb in after each comb through so any fleas that you catch will drown in the water. You wont get rid of all of them this way but a few less would help. Try a pair of tweezers and squash them.

  3. Wordpress Autoblogging Plugin

    A bath using flea repelant soap for kittens. Follow the directions on tha back, then take a flea comb and get to work.
    After that, depending on how bad it is, you might have to fog your house to kill any remaining fleas in the house. This only kills the adult fleas, the eggs will hatch when the weather is ideal, so this is something that you will have to keep an eye on.
    Just a little hint, make sure you clip the kittens claws first. Good luck!

  4. Mrs. B

    Call your local vet, tell him the cat’s weight and age (mama cat) and then go spend the $12.00 to buy some FrontLine flea killer that you put (it’s liquid) behind her neck, between her shoulder blades. ASK the vet first about mama using it since she is nursing, as it might pass through her milk to the kittens.
    Buy a flea comb, or a human ‘lice’ comb (the metal kind work far better than the all plastic lice or flea combs). You will get lots of live fleas off mama and her kittens this way. Have a ziplock bag handy to zing the comb into and pick the flea off it while it’s in the bag (by rubbing your nail down the outside of the plastic bag against the comb).
    Then put the baggy on a hard surface and use the end of a butter knife handle, your nail, or a hammer to kill the fleas you just got off the comb. Do this after each time you emoty the comb into the bag, it helps stop the captured fleas from jumping out of the bag when you toss new ones into it.
    If the fleas are crawling by their eyes, across their face, and you see ‘flea poop’ in there fur (known as flea dirt) which appears like tiny dots of dark dirt… then your kitties have a major infestation of fleas.. this would mean it would probably be best to take them all into the vet so they can de-flea them more safely than you can at home.
    Next, buy the $20.00 a can FrontLine flea killer spray (aerosol can) and spray the bedding, carpet, where kitty lays, and basically the entire floor area of your home. Because congrats, for every one flea you see on a cat – you have thousands of flea eggs, flea pupa, and adult fleas living in your home with you. Breeding, and laying more flea eggs in an insane amount of time.
    Do not bathe the kittens in flea shampoo, they are far to young and this could hurt or kill them. Now, for all the rest of it – please consult your local vet. Thank you, and have a nice morning. I am now going to bed, with my own kitty.
    Mrs. B

  5. Dust Bunny

    I would get the mother a flea collar, and make sure you are using a flea killing product on her. As for the kittens, you need to talk to your vet to find out what products are best for the kittens. Other than that, I would say, either keep the mother inside or give them all baths with a flea killing shampoo. (I suggest you do it in the kitchen sink. My cats, at least, don’t mind getting a bath as long as we use warm, not hot, water, and use the kitchen sink sprayer to wash them. It’s not as powerful as the shower head, so it’s gentler on them)

  6. slmom

    wash with Dawn dish liquid, then comb them with a flea comb. When you comb the fleas out squish them between your fingernail and the table, otherwise they will survive. You will have to treat your home, because the fleas are there now. If you don’t act quickly, then you will have a real problem. Bomb and spray your entire home and get the powder stuff that you sprinkle in your yard to kill fleas. You can go to the vet and get topical flea treatment for mama and when the kittens cuddle and love on her, it will transfer to them and help them. If you do not take proper steps, the kittens will die from all these fleas. Tell the vet she is a nursing mama cat and they will give you the correct product. I think my vet gave us Advantage for that. Our kittens were about the same age.

  7. My turtle "Rock"

    Human dandruff shampoo. It will stun the fleas and you can wash them down the drain to drowned. Use a flea comb as you dry them to get the rest. Its Safe to use on Mom too so she dosn’t reinvest them right away

  8. madgecko

    This is risky for mother rejection..but..Warm up your bathroom, with a space heater if needed. Fill up the bathtub shallow with warm to the wrist water. Suds them up one at a time with baby shampoo. ONLY baby shampoo. Rinse them with wrist warm water, perhaps using a fine comb to take out the fleas. DRY THEM completely. Do not remove them from the warm room until they are completely dry. Clean their bedding.
    It’d be best to give mama a scrub then keep her indoors too. And have her in the room during bathing and introduce her kits back to her.

  9. Brown Eyed Girl

    Nit or Flea comb them every now and again.. Thats really all you can do that is safe.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of further help.
    Good luck with the kittens.

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