Have you heard of doggie daycare? That's right—daycare isn't just for your children any more. Many dog kennels offer comprehensive care for your pet during the day when you are at work, or as part of boarding your dog when you take a vacation. Today's dog boarding experience has added many services and amenities. If you are a new pet owner, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn all the boarding options available. In addition to doggie daycare, dog kennels offer amenities such as live webcams so you can see your dog via a computer, full grooming services, televisions for your pets and more.

The advantages of doggie daycare are numerous, both for the dogs and their owners. Many dog owners struggle with pets that suffer from separation anxiety and bark too much while the owner is at work, or have dogs that become destructive – tearing up rugs, books, etc. – when left alone too long. Daycare solves these problems, in some cases enabling a dog owner to keep a much-loved, although difficult pet, instead of having to give up the dog to another person or an animal shelter. In fact, animal shelters report that the most common reason for people to turn in their pets is because the dog is too loud or destructive when the owner is at work for the day.


At many pet kennel boarding facilities that offer doggie daycare, your pet will be evaluated as to whether he or she is social enough to play well with other dogs. Also, many doggie daycare providers separate big dogs from smaller ones to help ensure safety. If you have a dog that has trouble mixing with other dogs, however, there are still doggie daycare choices available. A few dog kennels specialize in providing this service and only take in a small number of dogs during the day, or have special spaces set up for dogs that need to be separated . In those cases , the dog kennel staff normally provides play interaction with your pet.

Owners have to give proof of immunizations at most pet kennel boarding places , so in addition to making sure your pet won't be hurt during doggie daycare, they also won't get sick from being with a vast number of other dogs each day.

Dogs typically enjoy a range of activities and toys during their doggie daycare— similar to a daycare center for children! Your pet will most likely get so much exercise with other dogs, it not only meets his or her requirement for activity, it also helps the animal maintain a healthy weight.

In the case of puppies and young dogs, the doggie daycare experience will help them learn helpful social skills and become well-adjusted, avoiding difficult personality problems some dogs develop that are left by themselves all day, five days a week.

Dogs are very social animals and playing with other dogs, or just being in their company, is healthy for dogs of all ages. Older dogs benefit as much as puppies from socializing and being more active.

Whether you sign your dog up for a day or two of doggie daycare, or a schedule that coincides your full-time work week, the benefits of this type of boarding will satisfy both your lives.

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