1. Lisa R.

    No, screens aren’t anything to worry about nor are doors, however you can bring them in from outdoors on your clothing, shoes etc. Also if your pet goes outside to go potty, then they can bring them in on themselves as well.
    You should visit your vet and get them started on Advantage Flea/tick Protection. Flea Season starts as soon as spring appears and goes all the way to the first frost in the fall. Summer is the worst time for fleas and ticks. Check with your vet and be safe.

  2. raroo99

    fleas are very tiny but can jump about 6 feet , they will easily go through screen doors . they will typically live along the egde of walls+ under furniture , vacumning every week along these areas then dumping the appliance outside into a trash bag + tying it up will help while you start w/ bug bombs if it’s that bad , they will come in w/ you as well as on pets . my yard was full of them when i moved to where i currently live . i had to dust around the doors + porch a few times just to get started , then i had to get a sprayer to finish off the rest outside . you never get them all but you may not see one for quite awhile . my prob was severe so that’s what it took

  3. Brittany H

    Acually i wouldnt worry about the screen. But check for holes to make sure. They most likley will get in another way like when you walk your dog or cat they will jump on the animal or you so be carful and use spray!

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