We own a small dog that is essentially an inside pet. While bathing him and treating him for fleas, I sometimes have difficulty keeping the fleas away from his eyes although I aways begin with his neck and work back. Can anyone give me a little in sight into a viable solution to this problem??? Your responses will be greatly appreciated.


  1. punk_raw

    No, fleas can not get inside a dog’s eyes. But they’re naturally going to run to his head, and hence, his eyes when the rest of his body is submerged.
    You don’t need to bath your dog with flea shampoo if you –
    a) get him on a quality flea control treatment such as Advantage or Frontline which will kill animal fleas that get on your dog and prevent eggs from hatching
    b) wash all bedding in your home and
    c) treat the rugs in your home.
    Bathing your dog is only going to kill the fleas on him at the time and actually some fleas may even survive the bath. Fleas only hop on the animals to feed – the rest of the time they’re living in your carpets and bedding.

  2. cagney

    it’s not earmites. not only do dogs rarely get earmites, but you cannot easily see them with the naked eye. let alone they don’t leave the ear. hence the name ear mites. as for the fleas. stop giving flea baths. they only kill the fleas that are on the dog at that moment. the fleas are in the environement. as soon as your dog dries a new group of them hop right back on. if you’re bathing your dog and the fleas are easily apparent running toward the eyes your dog is probably infested. go to your vet and buy some frontline or advantage. either work fine. i prefer frontline because it doesn’t leave an oily streak on the fur like advantage does with my dogs. do not buy sargents or hartz from your local walmart type of store. it does not work. go to the vet and get what they reccomend. make sure you appy the frontline or advantage either at least 2 days before or after a bath. the product works with the natural oils on a dog’s skin and won’t work as well right before or after bathing. this product will work for up to 30 days. but if the dog’s environement is infested also, which i would assume it is, you will need to treat that as well. good luck. and throw away the flea shampoo it’s not working.

  3. Morgan M

    They don’t live IN the eye, but they like to catch lunch there. Warm moist soft skin. They will often run and hide around the eyes and nose when the dog is submerged in water. Flick em off into the water. They won’t drown but they will go down the drain.

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