I am in the process of exterminating the fleas that have found their way into my home. Is it possible though that they can stick to clothing and get into my friends house or my car and continue to be a problem?


  1. mediaeva

    Like you’ve already heard that’s a resounding YES, but let me give you a few words of advise. Grab all the SERGEANTS GOLD flea removal products you can find, including the squeeze on drops for the pets. Collars don’t work like they use too, and these are the only products that do, unless you want to pay for the vet’s products. They also have flea bombs. USE THEM. Spray the insides of the car regularly. My son goes back and forth from home to grandma’s so we both had the problem. The bombs where the only way to end it. You may notice a few micro newborns just after, but a quick spray over the carpets will do the trick. Every year do the drops or THEY WILL COME BACK. I forgot to do that at the begining of the Summer and almost had to bomb again. Wishing you luck!
    ( Just curious: First it was the invasion of the asian beatle disguised as a cute little lady bug and now it’s a micro flea that comes in on the back of fuzzy little kittens. Does anyone happen to know what’s next so I can get a heads up? LOL)

  2. sugarbdp

    Well yeah… too late now,, you got ’em… good luck , just get some effective product and bomb , follow up with powder, and you’ll be fine,,:)

  3. Deborah J

    Yes they can. Fleas will attach themselves to your clothes and then when you get inside…then jump onto either an animal or into your carpet. They can even get into the carpet of your car. You need to treat your yard as well if the problem continues. And if you get bit by a flea….its 10X worse than by a mosquito when it comes to itching. I work at a vet…I know all about fleas and ticks and stuff.

  4. ☠Naz☠

    fleas can jump on humans and travel around on you or anyone else..you don’t even have to have a pet to have fleas in your home.. Borax kills them sprinkle that allover your carpets and leave it on overnight.. repeat after 3 weeks till the cycle is broken

  5. ���Elke ���

    Yes it is possiable because they cling to things very easily so get rid of them so they wont cling to anything else.

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