Hi! I have got a Golden Retriever puppy and she is about 7 weeks old. First thing is, I bought a block of normal human block cheese from the store. What I am wondering now is, is it okay for my dog? The normal dog cheese treats from the store is too expensive so I cannot buy those. I am just wondering if the cheese will give her diarrhea or any other infection. Will she smell? Will she become fat? Main thing is it ok for her? Please help and give your straight advice please. Thank you so much!!


  1. Selena

    Well I would suggest no beacause we cant feed my dog cheese because she gets gas, sometimes diareah, and sometimes she may vomit. This could also happen to any other dogs so no. But you can train with tiny pieces of ham, crackers, or just some little tiny pieces of bread. Dogs arnt that picky.
    Hoped this helped! =3

  2. ♥Shadows of Vengeance♥

    First off my dogs love cheese but if they eat too much of it they will get diarrhea. I’ve heard that some dogs are more likely to get diarrhea than others from eating cheese but I’m not sure about it. You could try looking for an off-brand of the cheese flavored dog treats that might be cheaper. I would also suggest one other thing, and I know this only from dealing with my dogs. Try using pieces of kibble to train with. It might not work but that is how I finally had to train my dogs, mostly because they were too stubborn and well they were going through too many of the treats. Good luck!

  3. Nyckee Mearie

    Yea it is fine for her. We used Kraft cheese singles to train our dog. You have to make sure you ween her off the treats… the key is to get her to do things without the treats. Also, if you are careful, no your dog won’t get fat from the treats.
    Also… She should train pretty quick they pick things up a lot quicker if you start training earlier. My baby Jerecko was potty trained by 7 weeks but we got him at 4 weeks because the momma quit feeding him and we offered to take over bottle feeding him.

  4. Emilie.

    I don’t know how successful you’ll be in training a 7 week old puppy that should still be with its mum.
    Backyard breeder buyer?
    She’ll be fine, I give my dog cheese all the time for training.

  5. mamabear

    Human cheese will upset her tummy. Get some beef liver and sprinkle some garlic on it then broil it. Cut is in tiny pieces. Use it for training.

  6. master<>

    yea but you are better off cutting up a human studies show they are Easy to cut and dogs love them!
    thank me with your life>

  7. xbabiixk

    yes. I use it all the time and it doesnt harm her. its very tasty too. just little bits though to keep her keen and not too much as it will make her fat. thats with any treat though

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