My dogs are crawling with fleas and i read that dishwasher soap kills fleas on contact
the fleas are driving me crazyyyyy!


  1. ScottieD

    No. You need to get a topical flea treatment or pill from the vet. At this point you may want to consider Comfortis (a pill) that will kill fleas on the dog quickly and last for 30 days. You also need to treat the dog’s environment (inside and outside). Vacuum well and throw the bag away (or empty the canister in the outside trash) and wash all bedding in hot water.
    Please don’t use dishwasher detergent. This is harsh and could be caustic to your dog’s skin and eyes. You need the prescribed treatments to take care of your severe problem.

  2. Ashley

    try using irish spring it is amazing how this soap will kill the fleas just be super careful around the dogs eyes. vinegar also works too.. i prefer irish spring because the dog smells fresh and the vinegar although it works the dog smells like a pickle… i have used both on our house dogs and it works perfectly fine… good luck .. also frontline spray works wonderfully but it is like 35 to 40 bucks but lasts for a month or 2 and you just spray the dog every 2 weeks and works better than the once a month stuff .. good luck

  3. Mel

    You can buy flea treatment at Homedepot and Petco and Petsmart. You need flea prevetative for dog and home, which yu spray around and in your home. Dawn dish washing liquid is alright, it’s very gentle. As for prevention, use Frontline.

  4. Texas Rottie

    Dawn is okay, but don’t get in eyes. Leave the soap on her about 10 minutes before rinsing. If you have fleas in the house or yard, they will jump right back on. So need to treat all areas that the dog stays.

  5. Maltese Mamma (67 days!)

    I’ve never heard anything about dishwasher soap, but I have heard that plain ole blue dawn will work.

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