ok so i wanna adopt a german shepard police dog that dropped out of training or “wasnt good enough” to become a police dog. is it possible? and how do i find one? or a website?


  1. Anonymous

    The dogs are brought in from Europe in most instances and they do cost a lot of money. If a dog fails the program one of two things will happen, A) the dog will be returned to the breeder/seller/broker and another one will be send back as a replacement seeing how no agency is willing to just “write off” $6000, or, B) the dog will go to another agency where it will “somehow” become a police dog and pass certification, not because the dog is good, but because the agency receiving it is desperate or there is a handler without a dog and at that point, anything will do!!!
    Hope I helped!

  2. Dutchman

    DJL is semi-correct. They do buy dogs from Europe that are “green” trained. They attempt to complete the training themselves, normally using ex-military handlers. Some have smartened up and hired real trainers to run their training programs. Most police departments max out around $6000 per dog…..and that doesn’t buy much. They do have “washouts” that they wouldn’t have if they’d hired a trainer to begin with. As far as adopting one….I highly doubt it.
    Greekman can probably shed a little more light on the subject. I quit dealing with police agencies 20 years ago.

  3. GlitterP

    Check local animal shelters or humane societies, they usually contain german shepherds that need a home. You could try to ask a police station for a shepherd but i doubt they will give you one, not being mean as they usually keep them as family pets. Good luck, hope i helped!

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry to burst your bubble but police agencies buy dogs that are already trained, and pay dearly for them.
    A great number of police agencies purchase the dogs from europe.
    So the answer to your question is no.

  5. Lilla

    ummmm wow i really don’t know! haha
    i am sure that if you call your local police, or drop by the building and ask they can answer and help you out.
    good luck! 🙂

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