I have a pom female that was accidentally bred by our min pin, now we have 3 pin pom puppies. She whelped in the house and she has fleas now. When can I bathe her and the puppies safely. I know I can’t use the drops and etc until the babies are at least 5 weeks old. Help would be appreciated on this!


  1. Vet Tech ♥'s Christmas!

    Yes, you can. Use dawn dish soap (or joy) and water, however, these pups should be seen by a vet.
    I HIGHLY recommend you bring them to your vet to have and exam and the bath.
    Not only can you literally drown the puppy (via aspirate of their lungs), but young pups become severely anemic because of fleas! You could loose them and fast!
    One minute they can be acting fine and the next they could be crashing. I have seen this too many times…

  2. suzy49

    No, you can’t use any kind of flea preparation (even shampoo) on puppies this small. My advice would be to treat the mom, and the area that the puppies are in (remove them first though, and wash any bedding etc.). The fleas will jump between the mom and puppies, and once the mom has been treated (use Frontline Plus or something similar, not an over-the-counter product) these little parasites will die when they bite her.
    Best of luck

  3. Rebel

    Hi Barbara.
    Yes, they need to be, or you may lose them. This is really a 2 person job. Use dawn or joy dishwashing detergent. Be very careful around ears, mouth, & nose due to possible aspiration, and ear infections. I would towel dry. Same for Mom, and new bedding.
    Best of luck.

  4. Lioness

    This is a very bad situation. You’re going to need to talk to the vet. There might be absolutley nothing you can do but treat the mother and change the bedding constantly.

  5. Mazzz

    The vet needs to advise what products can be used in this case, some chemicals are too harmful for you to use at the moment, so phone your vet and ask what he would suggest.

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