Cat owners have seen their beloved pets fall asleep in many places, and since cats can sleep through the majority of a day, it is important to have a comfortable and cosy place for your cat to sleep and feel safe. There are a variety of cat beds on the market, but none are better for winter weather than cat igloos. When your cat crawls into the cosy nook that a cat igloo is, their body heat is trapped and it keeps your kitty as comfortable and toasty warm as can be. And, of course there is nothing more adorable than a sleepy kitty peeking out of his or her cat igloo. The following are some fantastic cat igloos you’ll want to get your hands on as temperatures begin to drop! Cat Den Sheila The Cat Den Sheila features a black paw print pattern on a beige background and a triangle shaped opening through which your cat can come and go. This cat igloo is made of a soft material and comes with a pillow for your cat’s comfort and is one of the best cat supplies available. This cat bed is also washable and foldable for your convenience. Ancol Timberwolf Extreme Pyramid Cat BedThe Ancol Timberwolf Extreme Pyramid cat bed is made of brown and green mock suede that your cat will love to rub up against. You’ll be lucky if your cat ever wants to come out of this cat igloo! Cushy Cave Minou Cat BedThis cat igloo is sure to attract your cat’s attention. The fur-lined rim sets this cat bed apart from the rest, and all of the fabric used is extra soft. This cat bed comes in a two-tone colour pattern of either beige and brown or rose and gray, and features a cute paw print on both sides of the bed. Since this cat bed comes in two different sizes, you can provide your cat its own cosy cat bed or a place for him or her to snuggle up with a friend. I have 2 very happy cats that would gladly testify to the cosiness of this cat igloo! Safari Igloo Cat BedIf your cat is serious about comfort, style, and adventure, this is the cat igloo he or she needs. A leopard print cushion gives this cat bed a safari feel and is designed with a memory frame to maintain the shape your cat will love. The outer brown fabric is soft and will easily mix with the decor of most rooms, so your cat can be in the middle of all of the action without feeling overwhelmed. Danish Design Morocco Cat Bed This cat bed is perfect for older and larger cats as it features a wide round entrance. The thick cushion in this cat igloo provides your cat all of the comfort they could ask for. The interior fabric has stripes in classic Moroccan colours that are complemented by an outer, sand-coloured fabric. Your cat will appreciate any of the cat igloos suggested, and with all of the varieties of shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find a cat bed that’s perfect for any room. You can get a lot of info on pet supplies from us.

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