If you’re thinking of getting a cat, you have a few options on how to keep your cat and your furniture apart. A cat’s nature is to dig their claws into anything they can get a hold of and scratch around a bit. Their nails need to be worked. It just so happens that in your house, many of your pieces of furniture will seem to be a perfect place to do that for your cat. It’s not really fair to scold your cat for doing something that comes natural, without offering a better option. Also in today’s more animal friendly world, de-clawing your cat is not as much of a choice. So, how do you keep your cat, your furniture and your sanity?
Thankfully, there are some pieces of cat furniture you can buy that will keep you from losing your mind and keep you from losing any furniture or wanting to lose your cat. They’re called cat trees. Cat trees are scratching post furniture pieces for your kitty. While some people think of just getting a little scratching board for their cat, cat trees are a better long term option, because the cat will come to recognize that the trees are their space and use them as a piece of furniture as well. Most cat trees are a structure of some sort that is covered with carpet. That is the fun surface your cat will love to dig its claws into.
As you consider cat trees, you need to know the size your cat is, and if it’s going to grow any more. Good cat trees will be taller than your cat, when he stretches out, which for some cats is a long way.
While you can settle for the small cat trees that allow your cat to scratch and maybe curl up on the bottom, if you really want to make sure your cat and the cat tree are close friends, you should consider your cats other needs. Cats love to get a vantage point in a room, and they like to climb on things. Many cat trees offer this through layers and perches that your cat can get some exercise on. Others have tunnels and box areas so you cat can have their own little den to hide in, as well as a place to scratch. With how much cats sleep, 10-15 hours a day, it’s only fair to give them a cozy place to curl up. Also keep in mind, most cats are not big on loud noises or too much activity, so if you have a safe space for them, it will offer an area of comfort when things get loud in the house.
When you first bring cat trees into the house, your cat will likely still choose your furniture for its clawing desires. You need to make sure to firmly say no when your kitty is clawing on your furniture, but always praise him when he decides to claw on the cat trees. Eventually he will get the picture, and leave your furniture in peace.

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