What do you think about your pets? Surely the answer will be love and affection. Every one will agree that the selection of right pet is a serious project. It is most important because the pet selected by you will remain as your family member for many years to come and surely this pet will be remembered by the whole family later on. Owning a pet is also important for your children because they learn a lot from pet friendship like relationship skills, responsibility and also care for others. Always remember, the pet selected by you will have a sure impact on all your family members.

Now keeping all this in mind, what can be a better selection? Surely the answer will be a cute cat. It is just because of god gifted characteristics that the cat is given a priority over the other pets. Cat is a social creature and it is why a cat adjusts in the new environment very soon. If you think cats may not understand your sayings, you will be totally wrong. When you bring a new kitten in your home that walks across the kitchen or dinning room table, you should simply rattle a newspaper at her and say sit. This will simply teach her to stay off and later on you will be able to order the command without newspaper and she will surely be obeying you. Cats have been living as domestic pets with human beings for thousand of years. Among domesticated breeds, many options are available including one without hair and tails. Another excellent option can be Maine coon cat. These cats are long, broad and muscular with larger boons than other breeds. Which breed you select does not matter too much, as the only thing that matters too much is the behavior which you opt for your pets. For this you need to develop good communication skills between you and your four legs friend. When it comes to cats, you should know how cats communicate? Simply the cats purr and hiss. When it comes to fellow felines, body language comes to play. For this you need to read the body language of cats. Remember an angry cat always twitches her tail and if the tail is high in the air, it means she is happy with you. If a cat is in fear the tail and hair on the back will become raised. On the other hand a friendly cat will always try to touch your nose and if sitting in your lap may paw you. This all means the show of affection towards its owner.

For cats, there are some defining terms like a male cat is called tom and a female cat is called queen. The cute younger ones are known as kittens. Whenever you bring a kitten home, you should always give him a name which can be after the name of some favored personality or game name or either some cartoon. These cat names help to train your cats easily. You should also make sure to fulfill all the needs of your cats. Especially their sleeping time should be looked after carefully. An average sleep of a cat is about thirteen to fourteen hours a day. But as the cats get older they need more sleep. However some cats may sleep majority of the time in the day.

Finally, the most important question about cats can be how long they live. The average life of cats is fourteen to twenty years but domesticated cats live for a longer time period. Generally speaking, when it comes to have a pet as your family member, nothing can be best than having cats as your four legs friend.

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